Vice Diwaniyah criticizes the "ignore" the parliament and some ministries to maintain
10/18/2012 12:16

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: MP criticized the province of Diwaniyah Aziz al-Mayahi, Thursday, "ignore" the parliament and some ministries to maintain demands Bansafha.
Mayahi said, according to a statement issued for his "surprising disregard continuous parliament and some government ministries to our demands in half Diwaniya province and its people, and which has suffered from the scourge of poverty and oppression in the era of the previous regime and was hoping the new democratic Iraq that is half its people and give them a fraction of the rights granted to other provinces and that Hrmho them previously and today as well. "
explained Mayahi that "Observers of the case this province poor and that had a big role in the history of Iraq in fighting systems of tyranny and injustice and gave her family thousands of martyrs to serve their country will find it does not have any economic resource compared governorates of oil production or tourism or even through imports border crossings, has become her family who was accredited primary on agriculture in a very difficult situation after the deterioration of the agricultural situation where because of desertification or drought river, where he became a large segment of the youth of this province of the unemployed as well as the deterioration of the fact the service The economic and physical where not to mention educational reality bad. "
and Mayahi that "targeting back again to cut off the oil ministry to quotas black oil provided to the brick factories where and who raised the prices of bricks for several times we do not know what are the reasons behind targeting conservative intentionally of parliament and some ministries continuously. "
said Mayahi "We demand today Parliament fairly this province anchored below the poverty line and consider lens justice and bargaining between the Iraqi people per discontinue marginalizing its people, both in the financial allocations or government positions, as demand allocation of part of the surplus oil revenues or budget emergency for the advancement of Diwaniya, in addition to increasing the allocations in the budget next year and not just only remembering its people during election campaigns and make promises to its people that the election is over until we see the wind had gone inclusion. "
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