News reports : President stresses the need to preserve the alliances between the Iraqi factions

His Excellency President Jalal Talabani, on Wednesday, secretary general of the Badr Organization, a professor Hadi al-Amiri and his accompanying delegation. During the meeting overall trading political and security issues in the country.

Where highlighted President Talabani light on what has been discussed with all the forces, political leaders and efforts to achieve the ways of overcoming obstacles facing initiatives and private conversations and work to put an end to the problems and the creation of blue skies and encouraging to engage in dialogues and meetings constructive between all parties, pointing to the importance of continuing everyone in intensify efforts for the success of the agreements and comprehensive solutions that everyone agreed upon. The President also stressed the need to maintain alliances between the Iraqi factions and strengthened and that contributed to building the new Iraq.
For his part, al-Amiri importance of helping and assisting everyone for the success of efforts by President Talabani to dismantle the current crisis, adding that these efforts come through careful Grand National President Talabani (who has love and praise by all the sons of the Iraqi people from a reliable everyone to deliver the country to safety and peace). In another aspect of the meeting was addressed to relations struggle between the National Union and the Badr Organization in combatting dictatorship and work on the success of the political process and constitutional in the new Iraq and the importance of strengthening the bonds of these historical relations for the good of the Iraqi people with all its components and in the interest of the democratic process in the new Iraq.

President of the Republic: the face of terrorism is not limited to the security aspect

On the other hand, received His Excellency President Jalal Talabani in Baghdad on Wednesday, a number of senior officers in Baghdad Operations Command. During the meeting, talk about the security situation and the performance of the forces and the extent of its development level armament, training and combat. The President praised the achievements in this field, His Excellency also stressed the importance of strengthening security successes fill gaps against the forces of terrorism and crime. He noted that the counter-terrorism operation overlapping but not limited to the military and security side, but is intertwined with cultural factors, political, economic and humanitarian alongside the security effort and intelligence.

President Talabani: Turkmen have rendered great services to the country

On the other hand, said President Jalal Talabani said the Turkmen important part in the structure of the Iraqi people and is an active participant in the political process and to ensure their national and cultural rights like all other components of the people as stipulated by the Constitution. This came during a meeting with His Excellency on Wednesday, in Baghdad and delegation that included figures parliamentary and governmental Turkmen headed by the Minister of Youth and Sports Engineer Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, where the delegation congratulations and blessings to President Talabani on his return auspicious after his therapeutic wishing him good health and wellness and lasting success in his national. After welcoming the delegation and thanked them for their heat of emotion, highlighted by President on the general situation of the country and ways to end the problems that hinder the political process and hinder progress. In reference to the importance of safeguarding the rights of Turkmen said President of the Republic that the brothers Turkmen make up an important part of the composition of Iraq, but provided great services to build this country where he suffered Turkmen injustice and marginalization in the era of dictatorship, similar to the rest of the ingredients, said His Excellency that it is necessary post Turkmen in shaping visions and perceptions about effective solutions to end the current crisis, stressing the importance of unifying the political discourse of the Turkmen and assemble their ranks in order to achieve just and legitimate aspirations again full support and backing of all Turkmen. During the talk the delegation members eighth attendance national role supervisor for the President of the Republic in this historic stage reunion of all Iraqis without excellence among them Turkmen where confirmed that President Talabani has the political weight great and this is reflected on the interests of Iraq and its people, and pointed out that the Turkmen people always and still is seen President Talabani as sponsor and guarantor great human Turkmen and the closest to the demands and aspirations.

President Talabani calls for Iraqi women to continue the struggle for their rights

Furthermore, said His Excellency President Jalal Talabani full support for women's rights and the maintenance and guarantee commensurate with the values ​​of the new democratic Iraq and this historic moment. This came during a meeting with His Excellency on Wednesday, Baghdad and a delegation representing Iraqi women consisted of a number of MPs and government figures and competent in the Women's Affairs headed by the Minister of State for Women's Affairs d. Ibtihal al-Zaidi. At the outset of the meeting provided by Dr. Zaidi behalf of the delegation and Iraqi women congratulations and blessings to President Talabani on his recovery and return auspicious save God's help, where confirmed that "all Iraqis and Iraqi women in particular see in your Excellency tent for all and real touch on the prevalence of peace and security and الذخر great for them, and history records This national footprint to President Talabani sponsor for the rights of the disadvantaged and the oppressed and women. "
The President highlighted the current political situation, adding that Iraqi women are not far from its implications so they in turn invited to contribute to finding solutions to the problems and remove obstacles that hinder understanding and agreement between political factions. The president stressed the need to unite everyone for the success of efforts Excellency to dismantle political crises and to help to provide the atmosphere to ensure the advancement of women's role and listen to her voice rumbling in all aspects of political and social life, economic and President Jalal Talabani pointed to the importance of the continuation of Iraqi women in their struggle for political rights and democracy and humanitarian and living conditions, he said, adding that Iraqi women must continue to unite and her speech for the maintenance of their rights as enshrined in the Constitution and ensure their participation in this historic moment to build a new Iraq. Provided Dr. Zaidi detailed explanation of the work and Zrartha and Stratjitha which including combating violence against women and other areas related to women in society and the institutions of the state and provided attendees separately by Achtsasn brief about ways to alleviate the suffering of Iraqi women accumulated under the yoke of dictatorships