Ani: Talabani's efforts succeeded in breaking the deadlock between the political blocs

17.10.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

BAGHDAD - Alaa Hassan - Radio Sawa said President of the Presidium of the Republic Naseer al-Ani said the series of meetings held by President Jalal Talabani with leaders of political blocs emerged from breaking the deadlock that marred relations between those blocks, and expressed Ani believed that these meetings will contribute to enhancing opportunities meeting National. stressed government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh on the importance of the presence of leaders of political blocs national meeting. President Talabani has held after returning last month from his therapeutic in Germany a series of meetings with representatives of the political blocs in preparation for the meeting the national and discuss the implementation of the Erbil that led to the formation of the government .

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