Vice Shabibi: there is no official notice my detention and receive signals to take over the Central Bank

17.10.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

Twilight News denied the deputy governor of the central bank Wednesday issued an arrest warrant formal right-style conservative Shabibi, pointing at the same time receiving "signals" of government agencies to extradite the Central Bank in the next term. said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh for "Twilight News", "The anything official about diary revelation did not reach so far. " Salih stressed that he is currently in Iraq and exercise his duties as "a normal". was Chairman of the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary Bahaa al-Araji revealed earlier in the day for "Twilight News", for the presence of some 30 arrest warrants issued against the central bank governor article and his deputy. this regard commented deputy central bank governor, "the fact I heard from the outskirts of the existence of an arrest warrant against me except that the subject until the moment informally." and on the decision of the Council of Ministers yesterday Judge exemption central bank governor from office, Saleh said "Personally, was not surprised by the decision, and I believe in change. For Hbibi man served nine years in this position and interest of the country ruled for change." Saleh revealed he received "signals" from governmental and parliamentary to extradite tasks central bank in the next term. concerning the decision of appointment of the Chairman BSA Abdul Basit Turki Agency central bank governor Saleh said, "Personally, I do not know Turkish and I can not evaluated but the decision temporarily."

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