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He has been known for his rumors becoming intel.

People hang on his every word, even the lowercase ones.

He once bought a Dinar note, just to see what it smelled like.

He wants to push the RV button. Just because he can.

He scheduled a visit to Cannes, for his own G1 summit.

When he visits Baghdad, the GOI takes a holiday.

dos equis....if you can believe this, then believe your dinarian beliefs and doubt your dinarian more please...

When he makes a statement, the Iraqi parliament agrees with him.

His camels don't have humps. He engineered them that way.

He puts the "D" in Dinar.

He thinks, therefore he is, a Dinarian.

When he enters the room, he doesn't turn the lights on -- he turns the dark off.

Some fear the roller coaster ride. He coasts while rolling cigars.

When intel calls come in from around the world, they go straight to his own satellite, so he gets it first.

When the US needed the debt ceiling raised, he stood up.

When he visits the Green Zone in the summer he doesn't get hot, hot gets him.

When reporters don't agree, his shoes hit them.

He is so tough that his mom has a tattoo that says >>SON<<<.

He speaks fluent Kurdish, in Arabic.

When he visits chat rooms, even the MODs silence themselves....

He started investing in IQD, after buying up all the A, B, and C.

His beard has it's own Facebook page.

If he responded to your Private Message, you'd have to change your shorts.

The Al-Bu Ali tribal region of Iraq calls him - al N'uff Sa'id.

He once performed Handel's Hallelujah chorus, as a soloist.

Before Dr. Shabibi pushes the RV button, Shabibi calls him for permission.

When asked if he would perform the halftime show at the superbowl, he replied "Again?"

He owns a mini giraffe herd.

He has the heart of a lion. Really. He does.

He had to explain the ending of "2001: A Space Odyssey" to Arthur C. Clarke.

He is so groovy, even groovy doesn't get it.

He is so fit, his lactic acid has muscles.

He is in such demand, even his Sleep Number is unlisted.

He once printed his own currency, from the rumor mill.

(brought this over from a site I used to be a member of)