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    "DU" Tribune 10/15/12

    Urgent .. Parliament lifted its lack of quorum to the sixth of next month
    Monday, October 15 1 / Okrudolf 2012 14:16


    [Baghdad - where]

    Lifting of the House of Representatives its usual early November.

    The parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where] on Monday, said, "House Speaker Osama Najafi adjournment of Parliament to the sixth of the month of November, due to lack of quorum, after the withdrawal of deputies block a coalition of state law in the session because of a lack of agreement on the proposal General Amnesty Law. "

    The House of Representatives held its regular Monday which voted to ratify a number of laws, did not vote on important laws, and Abraha general amnesty and payment on credit and the Federal Court and the Supreme Judicial Council. Ended 2.

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    "Iraqi": Yassin Majeed's comments reflect the bankruptcy represented and their failure to provide services and security for the Iraqi people
    Published 15/10/2012 09:43 AM
    BAGHDAD - "arenas of liberation"
    issued coalition "Iraqi" permit journalists received from which to speak made ​​by the leader of the coalition of state law Yassin Majid told a news conference held at the House of Representatives and accused him of "Iraqi" walk behind Kurdistan leader Massoud Barzani after he accused Last as a danger to Iraq.

    Yassin Majeed

    She said "Iraq" in her statement: "trying horns some political parties to cover up the failure in the management of the state through the launch of a campaign to mislead the unjust to drive more wedges in the flesh Iraqi against the political spectrum national who fought against dictatorship, in pursuit desperate to build glory on tearing apart home and tearing the national front. Rather than adopting dialogue and methods of civilization and democracy to bring the views and remove tensions, these trumpets pouring oil on the fire, and at a time seeking faithful, including the President of the Republic, Mr. Jalal Talabani to calm the atmosphere and find common ground to resolve the political crisis ravaging the country .
    "remarks MP Yassin Majeed in which he attacked the national forces with the extension widespread in the Iraqi street and led coalition in Iraq and the Kurdistan Alliance does not indicate only the bankruptcy represented and their failure to provide services and security for the Iraqi people, and was the first and what is represented to support the amendments to the law structures infrastructure agreed by all political forces in the House of Representatives to put safeguards to corruption and wastage of funds and ensure access services to citizens honored, rather than loss of more wealth people between poor management on the one hand, and corruption and commission side on the other hand, handcuff Iraq more debt in vain . "
    At the end of the statement demanded the coalition in Iraq, Prime Minister that "his team needed to respect the partners in the political process and their struggle against the dictatorship throughout history, and to bridle the irresponsible statements, empty history and unexplained fabricating crises away from the concerns of citizens."


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    Talabani describes statements glorious Btaúhh and considers it an invitation to war

    BAGHDAD - babysit -described by President Jalal Talabani, on Monday, statements of leadership in the state law Yassin Majeed directed against the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani Btaúhh, and expressed his outrage to these statements, considered an invitation to war.Talabani said in a statement received news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of: "that at the time Nnhmk create a friendly atmosphere for the normalization of relations between the political forces in preparation for dialogues bilateral, trilateral and collective efforts to resolve the current crisis in Iraq, overlooking We MP Yassin Majeed statements provocative serious smell the aroma of the call to war against President Massoud Barzani. "
    Talabani said: "The statements Majid came at a time come when significant steps forward in conjunction preoccupation Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani authored a Kurdish delegation and wide to resume dialogue with the National Alliance, as well as other powers to resolve the Iraqi crisis methods constitutional and in accordance with previous agreements signed by everyone."
    He Talabani: "More outrage of such statements reckless violation of the spirit of national unity and obtrusive for the endeavors and efforts to resolve outstanding problems faced by the people and the nation," and urged the Iraqi National Alliance to "put an end her and forcing its members to respect the requirements of national dialogue." P / h

    "Truth is everlasting, but our ideas about truth are changeable. Only a little of the first fruits of wisdom, only a few fragments of the boundless heights and depths of truth, have I been able to gather"

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    Breaking news. State of Law's, deputies withdraw from the parliament session.
    15/10/2012 14:47:00
    Baghdad / NINA /--Lawmakers for The Parliamentary bloc of State of Law headed by Prime Minister walked out of today's parliament session.

    A parliamentary source said to NINA : " The withdrawal act aimed at causing lack of a quorum to vote on the amnesty , Federal Court and the Supreme Judicial Council laws .


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    M P , warns from government's attempt to subdue the CBI to the political will .
    15/10/2012 13:47:00
    Baghdad/ NINA /--MP , Atab Duri for Iraqiya Slate warned from political interference in the management of the Central Bank of Iraq.

    She said in a statement today: "The intervention by the government in central bank affairs and trying subjected the CBI to the will of the political, is very dangerous as is especially relate directly to the entire economy of the country and would weaken the Iraqi economy in addition to its harmful global impact on the financial reputation of Iraq".


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    State law "Tqraadm existence reform paper and it« They are great

    By kosay 50 minutes ago

    15 \ 10 \ 2012
    Poverty «coalition of state law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for the first time that there is no« Paper reforms, saying it «They are great. The MP for the coalition of state law, Saleh al-Asadi said in a statement issued Monday, the paper reform advocated by politicians is an illusion, noting that what he says some MPs on this paper is only a personal opinions.For its part, ruled out «Iraq» and there is no intention of the owners and his coalition in the reform, an MP appearance Janabi's «Hayat newspaper», said on Monday that «the issue of paper reforms was a lie from the beginning and try to gain time and delay not only. The head of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari announced that the National Alliance will present a paper reforms include "70" paragraph, based on the activation of national partnership in power and balance in public civilian and military.


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