Talabani completed stage individual meetings

10/15/2012 12:00 am

Three new options to resolve the crisis Baghdad Alaa al-Tai
said in Baghdad yesterday announced the completion of President Jalal Talabani for his meetings with all the political blocs and national forces and the outcome of this effort Emphasizes the need to reform and work on holding bilateral meetings, triple and possibly quadruple the future. A member of a coalition of state law Abbas al-Bayati's »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network» that everyone adheres to the need to get out of the crisis and end the current differences through the vision of reform may not meet everyone Maibgon but can achieve 50 percent than asking ».
continued Bayati «We have access to two things before you begin the final phase, The first to reach calm in the media discourse second thing encircle the crisis so that the Ataattor or worsen and determine its framework and this in itself will help to communicate and convergence within the framework of the participants are reluctant differences and then shift to solutions and try to dismantle the crisis in the form of files are working to solve ».
said Bayati «We We support the draft Talabani strongly represented collects parties and the draft National Alliance with Project President Talabani head off from a single point and have the same end ».
between Bayati said the national meeting a target Strateja we are working on with the President, but if we do not reach soon a solution we search for other options ». He went Bayati «atmosphere that prevailed between the blocks today and made ​​positive total thinking in resolving the crisis have been put forward new options and now we have three options in the process of trading, including the formation of a majority government and the other to dissolve parliament and call elections and reform option. Stressing that «the three options being traded between the political forces».
was President Jalal Talabani had announced before heading to Baghdad from the city of Sulaymaniyah he did not have a prescription to address the current political crisis shovel at the same time on what would be provided by the blocks of concessions in order to reach solution.
going through the country in a political crisis stifling several months ago because of differences between the political blocs on the concepts of reform and the application of what has been agreed upon previously, especially the Erbil.
noted that the President and the Prime Minister had stressed during a meeting reunion in Baghdad on the importance of dialogue in the next phase to overcome the political crisis and stressed the need to show the flexibility of all the political blocs.
to a description National Alliance MP Furat al-Shara in an interview »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network» that Alhorart and meetings conducted by the President of the Republic fruitful and pointed to a parking peaceful resolve the political crisis »
and block citizen position to which he belongs Shara said «We are taking a stand on average between these parties. Are not optimistic strongly and we are not with the pessimists and believe that the president has impact and enjoys the confidence of the parties and we are working towards to be initiatives successful ».
and on paper reform stressed Shara «The paper reform nucleus national meeting and discussed and still open and subject to change and switch according to the proposals of blocs and political parties«.
At the same context, MP from the Kurdistan Alliance Sherif Soliman in an interview »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network« that the dialogues continued to meet with Talabani Prime province came within efforts of the President to create communication between the political blocs and unify the visions and create an atmosphere can work through it to leave the crisis suffocating in which we live » .
said Suleiman «tries President gather leaders first row to reach satisfactory solutions or to sit at a round table to bring the views», indicating that «the dialogues and meetings continuous and meet Talabani with Barzani in Arbil came within efforts to contain the crisis, and the Kurdistan Alliance has not rejected calls a state with all the solutions that rely on the Constitution and the political consensus of the participants was built by the current government and jurisprudence. Pointing out that «Barzani did not demand guarantees to attend a national meeting only abide by the constitution and Atfafah first Arbil