Baghdad / WAP / Description gathering supporters to change the existing differences between the political blocs as "a struggle for money and power," noting that "the national meeting if convened will be to no avail because of the crisis of confidence."

and transfer assembly for its Secretary General Mohamed Mandarin as saying in a press statement received by the agency News Baghdad International / WAP / copy on Saturday: "The national meeting to be held in the coming period will be to no avail because of the lack of confidence between the political parties, as can not be any initiative that failed to end the political crisis in the absence of a sincere intentions when the political parties to resolve the crisis. "

and added: "The frequent talk about this meeting became only the propaganda media and distract citizens by order Regardless of the government's mistakes in providing services to citizens and promote better acquainted social and economic, while that resolving the crisis is very easy and does not need to a meeting and set up banquet between the political parties, especially that the citizen is aware that the conflict between the political parties has become on money and power. "/ Finished 8