The chief of the security and defense committee parliamentary Hassan Sinead Iraq to be signed with Russia and the Czech Republic to supply weapons snipers and aircraft MiG-29.
described in a press conference held in the parliament building today the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Russia and the Czech Republic, Balmovqh.
said: "The visits enabled us knowledge of the requirements of our security forces to keep pace with the progress in this area, "explaining that he had agreed to buy aircraft and weapons contribute to the protection of the country.
stressed Sinead that the weapons will be imported defensive rather than offensive, pointing out that the Iraqi delegation will visit the two countries after two weeks of the signing of the final versions of these contracts.
and pointed out that those contracts included buy 24 training aircraft and fighter Czech and spare parts for some of Iraq's weapons, as well as maintenance of some Russian weapons old in Iraq, and denied that the contracts included aircraft MiG-29 Russian.
noted that Maliki's visit to Russia resulted arms deals with Russia worth 2.4 billion dollars mainly include helicopters assault rifles / mi / 28 and missile systems anti-aircraft / Pantsir 1 /.
while included Czech arms deal, especially 24 aircraft training armed aircraft. "the 159