Twilight New g / criticized the coalition of state law, Saturday, the Presidency of the Council of Representatives for lifting the voting session on infrastructure Act on Thursday, demanding to dissolve the House of Representatives in the event of "continuing to disrupt the laws."A member of the State of Law Coalition MP Sami al-Askari's " Twilight News "that" the Presidency of the Council of Representatives has not worked in the management meeting last Thursday, which was scheduled to be during the vote on the law of infrastructure. "
He explained that "continued Parliament disable laws would keep no choice but to resolve it and go to early elections."He added that "the presidency of the parliament in its approach in the management of Thursday's meeting was complementary to the role of the Iraqi disable session by raising to the meeting on Saturday."He added that "Parliament is required to perform his duty, but he has become an obstacle to the work of the government and pass laws."The House of Representatives first adjournment of Thursday to Saturday because of a lack of quorum after the departure of the Kurdistan Alliance MPs and the Iraqi List, to protest the inclusion of infrastructure law on the agenda of the meeting.The law infrastructure of controversial laws which insists passed in the House of Representatives a coalition of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.