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    Friday 12 October 2012

    Talabani looking with Barzani for his meetings with the political blocs to resolve the current problems

    BAGHDAD - babysit -President Jalal Talabani with Kurdistan leader Massoud Barzani for his meetings with the political blocs as part of his efforts to resolve the current political problems.

    A statement issued by the Information Office of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, led by Talabani received news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of it "received in the city of Arbil on Sunday, Barzani and discussed with him his recent meetings with political leaders and representatives of the political parties in Baghdad."

    "The two sides exchanged views on ways to solve the current problems and the convergence of views between the political parties out of the crisis being experienced by the political process also touched on all the issues on the political scene in general and including Kurdistan."

    The statement continued that "has been to emphasize the importance of monitoring the ranks of the political forces in Iraq and the need to deepen the spirit of working together and maintaining the strategic alliance between the two parties KDP and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan."

    He pointed out that "Barzani reiterated its full support for the success of Talabani's efforts in solving national problems valuing his induction to reunite everyone." Q, Q

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    Friday 12 October 2012

    Sayadi demands to dissolve the House of Representatives and hold early elections to form a majority government policy

    BAGHDAD - babysit -Independent MP Kazem Sayadi, to dissolve the House of Representatives and hold early elections for the formation of a political majority government to end the current problems.

    He Sayadi in a statement, obtained by news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of it on Friday: formation of a government political majority that, the best solution to end the dispute and rivalry between political parties because of the failure of the House of Representatives in passing laws and putting personal interests and narrow partisan on the interest of the Iraqi citizen .

    Sayadi said: that the continuation of the political problems on the current pace, dragging the Iraqi people into an arena for political struggle which is not bad consequences. Q, Q


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    Friday 12 October 2012

    Sources: confirm the arrival of (4) Thousands of U.S. troops to Iraq, accompanied by translators and doctors

    Follow-up - and babysit -According to press reports, citing sources and described as "insiders" confirmed Thursday that more than (4000) soldier of the U.S. occupation forces arrived in Iraq during the past few days, representing the vanguard of troops numbering (16) thousand troops.

    The sources pointed out that the last meal arrived today reached a population (200) element including doctors and translators into Arabic and Farsi; settled in Muthanna airport in central Baghdad, stressing that the payments of those forces will arrive to Iraq respectively to complete the required number is (16) thousand troops.

    And at the same, the press reported that a number of cargo aircraft of U.S. military aircraft (C-130 Hercules) specially designed for the transfer of the special operations forces of skydiving from low altitudes or landing to carry out an offensive in the rear were seen landing at Al Asad, located province Anbar in western Iraq, and the base (Ware House) near the city of Baquba, capital of Diyala province.

    The many sources quoted magazine (Nation The Nation) oldest weekly magazine is still ongoing deployment in the United States of America; during last week confessions made by a military official at the Pentagon did not mention his name that band of U.S. Special Forces recently returned to Iraq on a mission for " the fight against terrorism "as he put it. Q, Q

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    Friday 12 October 2012

    Iraq's Talabani has manifested a desire to consolidate the bonds of friendship and expand cooperation with Spain

    BAGHDAD - babysit -expressed by President Jalal Talabani, Iraq's desire to strengthen the bonds of friendship and expand cooperation with the Kingdom of Spain.

    This came in a congratulatory telegram sent by Talabani to King Juan Carlos of Spain on the occasion of his country's National Day.

    And transfer to a presidential statement received news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of it, President Talabani as saying: I am pleased to congratulate Your Majesty's National Day for your country, "the anniversary of the discovery of the sea Spanish Columbus of the two continents of the Americas in 1492."

    Talabani added: on this occasion to take the opportunity to express to Your Majesty for the extent of Iraq's desire to strengthen the bonds of friendship and expand cooperation with the Kingdom of Spain friendly.

    President Talabani expressed his wishes, the king, good health and continued success and the Spanish people further progress and prosperity. (Q, Q)

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    Friday 12 October 2012

    Mr. Net criticizes delay the implementation of projects in the country .. And calls on officials to listen to the requests of citizens

    BAGHDAD - babysit -Certified criticized Supreme religious authority, Mr. Ahmed net delay the implementation of projects in the country.

    The net during Friday prayers held in the courtyard Husseini cleanser vassal state news agency public opinion (and babysit): that there is a problem in the nature of the reconstruction of the country is a clear case in Iraq, particularly in relation to escape contractors and leave work and anonymity fate projects reluctant including housing projects and other strategic related roads, attendance, as well as hospitals and treatment centers.

    Net and wondered: Who is responsible for this reluctance? And what benefit the people of the position of these companies on the blacklist.

    He said: We must rely good companies in the implementation and carrying a good reputation does not depend on lower bids because the adoption of the cheapest means that this company would cause the problem in implementation and there must be a clear timeframe and following up projects.

    He added: that this issue needs to officials Mitter bold and openness to resolve it.

    In the center of another student sermon Net officials who go to pilgrimage to seize the opportunity to listen to the citizens and approach them.

    He said: There is a chance for the official to sit with people and the ninth also to hear him and believe him.

    He concluded Net saying: I recommend all pilgrims that grow confidence among them and myself this to Haj Aacarda and Sunni and Shiite Turkmen and others, and we must be consolidated the relationship between them and يتزاوروا and talk all the love there is no place better than this place reunion and Althab. Q, Q

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    Friday 12 October 2012

    Nasrallah adopts process quality penetrate the atmosphere of occupation

    Follow-up - and babysit -
    The secretary-general of Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hassan Nasrallah on Thursday that the resistance in Lebanon sent reconnaissance aircraft from Lebanese territory towards the sea and penetrated enemy action Hodeidah, stressing it's a quality process.

    Mr. Nasrallah: resistance cert reconnaissance aircraft sophisticated from Lebanese territory to the Mediterranean for hundreds of kilometers over the sea and then penetrated procedures enemy Hodeidah and entered southern Palestine, flying over several installations and bases El including Dimona nuclear reactor, before being discovered by the Israeli Air Force .

    He explained, we are facing a very important quality in the history of the resistance in Lebanon and the region and the whole story Israelis on the importance and significance, pointing out that the process of the aircraft proved the possibility of penetrating all barriers set by Tel Aviv.

    Mr. Nasrallah resistance to reveal part of the ability to hide large portions in a timely manner and the Baath in the messages at the right time, and this does not detract from the promised surprises, noting that the Israeli entity is lying to the people on the subject of the discovery of the plane.

    Mr. Nasrallah: We will leave for the Israelis discovery of the ability of the aircraft in terms of information gathering, adding that the aircraft reconnaissance of Iranian-made and compiled "Hezbollah specialist staff."

    He said it was "the first time in the history of the resistance movements in Lebanon and the region in which they are to acquire the capability air this kind."

    He noted that it must be recalled size Israeli violations of the sky of Lebanon, and saw that the "drop plane is normal and expected and achievement qualitative is that going reconnaissance plane hundreds of kilometers in an area filled with Balrdarat and bypassing the Israeli defenses, and in any case, some Israelis talked about the failure objectively say that pride Israeli that airspace non-penetrative cracked ".

    And declared that "it is our natural right to walk trips poll When starch. And this trip was not the first and will not be the last with this type of aircraft can reach many places," explaining that "we embarked on this process martyr Hussein Ayoub, who was one of the first founders of this weapon in the party and we want to call this process quality name Ayoub. "

    With regard to Syrian affairs, said Mr. Nasrallah on a political solution to resolve the Syrian crisis, denying what some of the media that Hezbollah sent fighters to Syria to support the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

    Also reiterated the transparency and clarity of Hezbollah's position on the Syrian crisis since its inception, stressing that the Syrian situation poses a threat to the Palestinian cause, Lebanon and Iraq and the entire region.

    The secretary general of Hezbollah: If liability arises to fight in Syria will not hide it from a calling to avoid the language of threat against Hezbollah.

    Continued Mr. Nasrallah says: that the Lebanese living in the Syrian border villages have decided to confront the militants who attacked the Lebanese families, noting that there are 30 thousand Lebanese living in the border villages of Syria and belong to the Lebanese parties, including Hezbollah
    M. J

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    Friday 12 October 2012

    Deputy: underdevelopment of the banking sector and the lack of security and stability the most important challenges of investing in Iraq

    Follow-up - and babysit -reported by the Commission services and reconstruction MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Cheyenne Mohammed Taher, that highlighted the challenges facing the sector investment in Iraq is failure of the banking system for banking technologies global, and the lack of stability of a security fully, which led to the reluctance of many from international companies to invest in the country, calling to amend the investment law format attract companies and promote the country's economic process.

    Said Taher: Iraq lacks the Law sober for investment, noting that the current law No. (13) for the year (2006) contains paragraphs repellent to investment companies, Valdharorh urgent to amend the law format developed to attract companies and maintains their money, and eliminates routine prevailing in the state departments .

    She said: Baka system in Iraq is still lagging behind the global banking systems through the use of the ancient traditional banking services, confirming that the foreign investor, whether local or looking for a safe investment environment has developed banking sector to ease the transfer of its assets and maintain.

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    Friday 12 October 2012

    Assistant Secretary General of the Council of Ministers of the Administrative and Financial Affairs denies news isolated

    BAGHDAD - babysit -denied Assistant Secretary General of the Council of Ministers of the Administrative and Financial Affairs Obaid Freih Manscher shop in one of the local newspapers yesterday about the dismissal.

    He said in a statement to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers received news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of the day he was "still in office and at his request his time for the development of financial management and the state budget after chaired the committee in charge of this."

    The heads Associate Secretary General of the committee formed under it Diwani 88 of 2012 and relating to the formation Supreme Committee for Public Financial Management Reform and the general budget and that its membership and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture for Administration and Finance and financial advisor of the Prime Minister's Office and the Director General of Budget Department in the Ministry of Finance and the Director General in the Office of Financial Supervision and Director in government investment programs department at the Ministry of planning, Khbayrmala and an international expert.

    The Assistant Secretary General to apply the discharge of the functions related to re-structure and classify the Iraqi state budget and financial and accounting system. Q, Q

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    Friday 12 October 2012

    Israeli waging a campaign of arrests and raids in the West Bank

    Follow-up - and babysit -
    Entity forces arrested three Palestinians Israeli occupation on Thursday in the storming and raiding campaigns affected many homes in the occupied West Bank cities.

    The site said "the Palestinian Media Center" yesterday that local sources said: "The Israeli occupation forces stormed the cities of Hebron, Nablus and Bethlehem, soldiers carried out a campaign of raids and house searches before being arrested citizens."

    The sources added: "The occupation stormed villages vegetables and Tekoa in Bethlehem, and the soldiers searched homes without registering cases of arrest, while stormed patrols other Aqaba region east of Tubas and enter the soldiers horror on children and women during their operation barbarism through shooting towards the houses."

    The occupation forces sealed off the entrances to towns and villages in Hebron as soldiers monument checkpoints scattered throughout the county.

    And one eyewitness said: "The occupation patrols deployed in the role since the morning, and closed the entrance sparkling and Beit Awwa They also erected checkpoints on the main road between the role and virtual."

    The occupation forces have tightened security measures at the entrances to the province in the towns of Halhoul and Seir and Bani Naim and Beit Ummar, and checked the identities of passersby in conjunction with the spread of the patrols on the tops of the mountains
    M. J

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