Massoud Barzani: no power and obstacles can not stand against the future of the people of Kurdistan

10.12.2012 | (Voice of Iraq)

Erbil (news) said President of Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani, that the experience of the Kurdistan Region is the fruit of the sacrifices of the people of Kurdistan, and the blood of martyrs and Anfal and the struggles of the Peshmerga, calling for the protection of these gains and to work for development. added Barzani in a speech at the conference scientific Kurdish second, which began today in the hall of Saad Abdullah city of Arbil attended reporter Agency (news): There is nothing called impossible to build and safeguard the future of the people of Kurdistan, and if people wanted something can not be any force to face Mttalaat people, stressing that the peoples able to break down all the barriers of In order to reach its goals, which fought for. said: that society needs to capabilities scientific academics, to participate in the reconstruction, and continued: that the Kurdistan Regional Government continues to consolidate the foundations of this society, and called for President Barzani academics Kurds to participate and contribute with the Kurdistan Regional Government for the success of This experience and accomplishments that have been achieved. said Barzna that struggle is not limited to the Peshmerga and the arms alone, but that the struggle importantly at this stage is the struggle of science and pen, so this experience and develop need the efforts and research academics.

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