Palm - it seems that Mr. Barzani and with Mr. Allawi were determined ordered them to sabotage all the efforts made by President Jalal Talabani in the reunification of the political blocs and solve outstanding problems they refuse the solution from the outset and all issued statements and reactions during the past period were not subjects of the solution, but a state of hypocrisy and hide behind one fact is that they either يتجهوا political process to sabotage the full and put the country at stake or exit their opponent Mr. Prime Minister Maliki from the political arena and therefore we see that statements each does not depart from the reality of a miserable which put a spoke in the wheel of the solution What say members of the Iraq representatives from Allawi that the national meeting is a joke and procrastination of time but most recently was Tbarham that Maliki wanted the national meeting escape from the withdrawal of confidence or questioning I do not know how Deputy parliamentary professes so he knows very well that they too weak to bring Maliki to interrogation or they can of withdrawal of confidence because their arguments mostly void and contrary to the Iraqi constitution but what does it mean the formation of the policies detailed Allawi wants it and have powers that compete with the government to be in front of the two governments at the same time is not that contrary to the Constitution.
Mr. Barzani and during the last period under raises crises and turning all solutions to where you can not solution so tired of Mr. Talabani and when they agreed most blocks on solutions find a trip external contract agreements and deals with the world in the department, including abuse of the rules of the Iraqi constitution is thus challenging the central government in the way stubbornness and challenge even the law of the country and goes further when it was put Iraq's problems in front of the world, including the Gulf states and other Arab want to undermine Iraq and his government for their hatred trove on the Prime Minister and this is what they had declared repeatedly, even if this approach to the problems intentionally or unintentionally, but it remains in the end groundbreaking for the field in front of them and in front of the will of their designs all those obstacles that tries to Mr. Barzani and placed in front of solutions comes today to set conditions can not be accepted or even put it on the table of dialogue in order to attend a national meeting brings together all the Iraqi parties and most importantly to provide Maliki resign if implemented what it says Farhad Atrushi agreements.
Atrushi said in an interview to the correspondent of the Associated Press on Wednesday that Barzani, stipulated that the presence of leaders of the Arbil meeting and the signing of Maliki to resign if not implemented reforms within six months how it could be asked this requirement on a team according to the Iraqi constitution? Is it permissible for this condition by the President of the region or province? Is not this the validity of the parliament? How then can request the chairman of the government violating the constitution of Iraq and the first paragraph in the Erbil is to work according to the constitution without violating the case that the formation of the Policy Board, which wants Allawi unconstitutional may not be that at all I think it's impossible conditions express unwillingness to solution, but the trend to close All roads for personal reasons have to do with the interest of Iraq and was the first onion Mr. Barzani to say I am coming not better than meeting put this condition.