Block change parliamentary looking with Adeeb, the current situation and the ways to solve crises

10/11/2012 15:23:31

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. Change Parliamentary Bloc discussed with the Minister of Higher Education Ali al-Adeeb, the current situation and exchange views on ways of resolving the political crisis and the problem of the disputed areas.The statement said the bloc had received the independent press (Iba) that the meeting came within a series of meetings block change.The delegation bloc headed by MP Sardar Abdullah, head of the mass change and annexation of Cheyenne Said Deputy and Kohistan cream MP Hmunda need to reach binding agreements to ensure a fair solution to the problems to provide an opportunity for political forces to devote to building the country The statement noted that the delegation present problems pertaining to Iraqi students in their studies at universities outside Iraq, and especially the problems faced by students in Egypt and Lebanon, as discussed in the dialogue issue missions and fellowships, as well as the need to overcome obstacles to the establishment of private universities and colleges.The delegation also demanded for activating the decisions of the Council of Ministers for Faili Erd and excluded from a policeman age and average for admission to graduate studies and especially the families of the martyrs and political prisoners.For his part, al-Adeeb, he will soon be opening cultural Attaché in Cairo to follow up on the problems facing Iraqi students there, and of accepting Faili Kurds in graduate minister said that the decisions of the Council of Ministers is working out and disabled and have been allocated several educational seats for them. He said the doors open to anyone affected by this aspect, but explained that some colleges require special conditions and necessary because of the nature of the study, such as medical group.At the end of the meeting the parties agreed to continue meetings to overcome all obstacles to Iraqi students. (End)