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    Thursday 11 October 2012

    Panetta confirmed the deployment of U.S. troops in Jordan on the borders of Syria

    Follow-up - and babysit -
    Approved and U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta that his country sent troops to the Jordanian-Syrian border, and in order to meet the latest developments in Syria.

    Panetta said at a press conference in the Belgian capital Brussels that Washington was working with Jordan to control chemical and biological weapons in Syria.

    He added that it is seeking to determine how best to respond to any concerns in this area.

    He noted that the U.S. troops helping to build headquarters in Jordan to promote Oman's military capabilities in the event of the escalation of violence on the border and help the Jordanian authorities to deal with the Syrian refugees.

    Panetta continued, "We have been working with them (the Jordanians) to monitor the sites with chemical and biological weapons (in Syria), and determine the best way to move about the biggest concern in this regard," he said.

    The newspaper "New York Times" quoted U.S. officials American that Washington sent a group of 150 military to Jordan.

    With all these assertions American news agency "Petra" Jordan's official news source in the General Command of the Jordanian armed forces denied the issue of the presence of American forces, especially in Jordan, near the Syrian border
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    Thursday 11 October 2012

    Maliki up to Prague from Moscow

    Follow-up - and babysit -Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, to the Czech capital Prague from Moscow on a visit last for several days.

    The source said that "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki arrived in the small hours of the night yesterday, to the Czech capital Prague coming from Russia at the head of the political and economic delegation senior official visit for several days."

    Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has arrived in Moscow, on Monday, (8 October 2012), at the head of the delegation of political and economic official visit during which he met Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, while stressing Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said Maliki will visit the Czech Republic after Moscow ... p / i

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    Thursday 11 October 2012

    Inch: it is necessary to get all the blocks on the entitlements under the Constitution

    BAGHDAD - babysit - MP for the mass of Ali inch that it is necessary to get all the political blocs on entitlements in accordance with the Constitution.

    He said an inch in a statement to the news agency of public opinion (and babysit) "We do not want any mass that feel they are losing, but we want to be effective participation and in the management of the country and this can be achieved through dialogue and understanding."

    And items included in the reform paper added an inch "of items contained in the agreement of Arbil included in the reform paper as the latter included the additions of other it could be a Faisal in resolving the political crisis plaguing the country."

    The political process in the country's political crisis is still at a standstill, as the eyes of all parties towards the efforts of President Jalal Talabani to hold a national meeting and prepared by some as the key to end the tensions between the political parties ... p / i

    Thursday 11 October 2012

    Shara: the principle of consensus necessary to discuss laws that does not include bargains

    BAGHDAD - babysit - MP for the mass citizen Furat al-Shara that the principle of consensus has forged the country shares to bypass a large number of problems and disagreements and he also produced the current government and therefore it will contribute to the passage of legal infrastructure and a general amnesty.

    Shara said in a statement to Radio public opinion "over the principle of consensus in the discussion of these laws Serhalhma without approval and therefore this principle is necessary, provided that does not contain the bargains and deals."

    "The common denominator between all parties is the interest of the country but all seen from the angle of any lie that interest and this is the basis of the intersection, so we can not say that these statutory witness bargains as much as it is the intersection in views Hayalama".

    The amnesty law of the most controversial laws being debated by the House of Representatives, while not distancing himself infrastructure law by the Department of controversy, as it is still two law Araouhan place awaiting passage and entry into force ... p / i

    Thursday 11 October 2012

    Nassif: Act infrastructure was not included within a session Thursday

    BAGHDAD - babysit -confirmed the Iraqi List MP free high Nassif that the general amnesty law still faces more reservations by political forces despite its inclusion on the agenda of today's meeting Thursday.

    Nassif said in a statement to Radio public opinion "some paragraphs of the general amnesty law is still controversial example of integrity sent a book need not cover the spoilers this law as a variation on the concept of terrorism."

    Noting that the government's opinion was not the enactment of this law in its current form because it will cause the exit of the corrupt and murderous.

    And the inclusion of law infrastructure within today's session Nassif added, "did not include this law within a session today that some parties demanded that is isolated from the other so there is a feeling that the law was passed infrastructure will be part of a deal and Ahdjh with the general amnesty law."

    And still a general amnesty and legal infrastructure Witness the case of push and pull as deliberated news that some parties considered that the laws linked to each other, one can not be approved in isolation from each other, while other parties rejected the matter altogether ... p / i

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    Wednesday 10 October 2012

    Hakim calls for the formation of a majority government based on political partnership components

    Follow-up - and babysit -called head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim to form a majority government based on political partnership components out of the current political crisis in the country.

    Mr. Ammar al-Hakim during the Cultural Forum weekly meeting in his office in Baghdad, "We of the most political forces call the principle of partnership in the homeland of various تنوعاته sectarian, religious and regional and without partnership will mistrust, fear and mistrust of others is the master of the situation but the reality forces us to offer ideas renewed nor remain in a vicious circle may be the way out of this protracted crisis is moving to a majority government based on political partnership components. "

    He added that "this government will address the team harmonious different political currents and multiple components to manage the affairs of the state and line up the other side team harmonious vision and reading other state-building and also from different political currents and trends and different components and thus be facing the majority of political but of partnership attend where all components
    M. J

    Thursday 11 October 2012

    National Accord confirms that the opposition does not aim to divide the country and not driven by foreign hands as claims system

    Jane Asadi - and babysit -The Secretary General of the Bahrain National Accord Association, Sheikh Ali Salman, the opposition is not aimed at dividing the country, and not left hands as foreign claims system.

    This came during a meeting with the delegation of Bahraini opposition Brigade Ambassador Noor, assistant chief of the Wafd Party in Cairo visited in order to hold consultations with political forces.

    Sheikh Salman said that the regime accuses the opposition was financed from abroad, a claim repeated by every dictator who does not believe in reform.

    He also explained Meizar member Department of Foreign Affairs for National Accord Association that the reforms advocated by the opposition now already adopted by the ruling regime in Bahrain and approved and launched his which included several points for constitutional reform in what is known document Crown by which he pledged to form a government on the popular will, and the presence of Council elected parliament has full powers and fair electoral districts, and the fight against corruption, in addition to the face of congestion, and discuss the state property.

    Said document Meizar that almost enter into force and was capable of a political solution to this crisis but military intervention to some neighboring countries prevented the adoption of this solution were imposed military and security solution, which led to the complexity of the crisis.

    For his part, Ambassador Noor Wafd Party support to the demands of the Bahraini opposition, which he described Balparwah and consistent with the principles of democracy, saying: It's time to find a title in the Democratic Arab world there is no longer a place for dictatorships or authoritarian regimes.

    Nour said during the meeting that these demands, although it is legitimate demands not two different but is not expected to be realized and approved by the Bahraini regime without public pressure Democracies and reformist demands not extracted only Glaba.

    Noor agreed the request of the Bahraini opposition regarding the publication of articles in opposition Wafd newspaper.
    M. J

    Thursday 11 October 2012

    Iranian companies expressed interest to invest in Dhi Qar

    Nasiriyah - and babysit -visited Dhi Qar Investment Commission Group of Companies "PETRO ZAZ" Iranian and competent in several areas, including construction, roads and energy as well as water pipelines and oil and gas and electric power stations.

    The head of the body Loay goodness of God in a press statement that a group of investment companies Iranian want to work in Dhi Qar and within the housing sector through the establishment of residential complexes where they were talking and negotiating with the South Oil Company to create (1000) housing units with all the services and infrastructure.

    In the same context pointed goodness of God that the company is serious work in Dhi Qar, especially after the series of meetings held with officials of the province, led the meeting, which gathered with the governor of Dhi Qar student Hassan where was the highlight of investment projects in the governorate and clarify facilities multi granted to investors in addition to explain the mechanism of licensing and investment added goodness of God that the local government and the Investment Authority will strive to support companies and investment projects for the advancement of investment to maintain reality ... p / i

    HOWDY MR AND MRS NEWMONIES...............

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    Thursday 11 October 2012

    Water Resources: withdraw the work from companies lagging in the implementation of the project ensured شنافية Allarroaii

    BAGHDAD - babysit - The Ministry of Water Resources for the withdrawal of labor from companies lagging in implementing the project ensured شنافية Allarroaii.

    A statement of the Ministry of the Minister Muhannad al-Saadi as saying during a meeting with a delegation of elders and farmers in the province of Najaf he issued Ayaaza withdraw from companies lagging in implementing the project ensured شنافية Allarroaii and take legal action against them.

    Saadi stressed: "The ministry attaches great importance to very deliver water quotas to farmland and implementation of irrigation projects in all governorates, especially previously disadvantaged provinces of irrigation services, including the province of Najaf."

    Saadi noted during the discussion of subject of compensation peasants and farmers by the implementation of irrigation projects in the farmland, "The ministry is working to simplify procedures related to compensation and processing affected in record time to receive their entitlements and their legal rights" ... p / i

    Thursday 11 October 2012

    Brahimi begins tour of Saudi Arabia in the region

    Follow-up - and babysit -
    International mediator arrived in the Syrian crisis, Lakhdar Brahimi, to the Saudi city of Jeddah, his first stop in his second trip to the region.

    A spokesman for the UN envoy to Syria, Ahmad Fawzi, said in a statement, said Brahimi arrived in the city of Jeddah, "his first stop in his second trip to the region," explaining that Brahimi will be in Saudi Arabia, "extensive meetings dealing with the crisis in Syria."

    UN sources said that Brahimi will be in Riyadh for meetings and extensive discussions with Saudi officials dealing with the crisis in Syria.

    The Brahimi made his first visit to the Middle East in mid-September to September and punctuated by a visit to Damascus where he met with President Bashar al-Assad.

    Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that supported armed opposition groups in Syria, in addition to all of Qatar, Turkey and the United States, France, where these countries supporting armed groups with money and weapons and gear and send mercenaries to the Turkish-Syrian border for admission to Syria.

    And assaults by armed groups on civilians in towns near the border as well as attacking the Syrian military forces and police stations, while the Syrian army to pursue them and cleanse the country of them
    M. J

    Thursday 11 October 2012

    Chihod: Maliki's visit to Moscow a new phase to build strategic relationships with Russia

    BAGHDAD - babysit - A member of a coalition of state law, MP Mohammad Saadoun Chihod visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Moscow as: "a new stage in building bridges of cooperation to build strategic relationships with Russia at all levels of political, economic and military."

    Said Chihod in a press statement that "Iraq is linked to good relations and intimate with Moscow stretched for more than half a century, and it did not come at the expense of other countries, but Iraq policy new doors open with all countries without exception, away from the bloc politics."

    "The building relations strategy with Russia is a historic turning point in Iraq's return to the Arab, regional and international, and to have a leading role in resolving the crisis Syrian peacefully and through dialogue," noting that "Russia from the permanent Security Council members and have a significant impact on Council resolutions regarding cessation of hostilities in Syria, with their mass of negative effects on Iraq and the region. "

    He continued, "The Iraqi government headed towards diversifying sources of arming the military without reliance on a single source controls the type and quantity of arms, at a time when Iraq great challenges which need to develop its weapons and equipment to build its military system, commensurate with the size of these challenges."

    He pointed out that "Iraq is passing through a great renaissance in the process of construction and reconstruction is needed to enter the Russian companies because of its expertise and capabilities in the field of construction projects and oil and all other sectors" ... p / i


    Thursday 11 October 2012

    Alfalh criticizes repeated withdrawals from the parliament sessions "to block the law infrastructure"

    BAGHDAD - babysit -criticized the MP for the coalition of state law on Alfalh withdrawals repeated by coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan Alliance parliamentary sessions, saying it: "designed to prejudice the quorum and prevent a vote on the law of infrastructure."

    Said Alfalh in a press conference held today in the parliament building: "The style pursued by some of the blocks to in order not to pass a law infrastructure, for reasons known to all, has become can not be tolerated, especially as he repeated more than once in a row."

    He added: "These blocs claiming it wants to pass a law infrastructure, but the execution time doing the opposite."

    He said: "The National Alliance has agreed to most of the demands of political blocs, including the law of infrastructure, but we surprised after each time new requests and escalation for ceilings demands. This technique, which we know causes, can not be with him to reach concrete results" ..Waving that: "The National Alliance will be forced to resort to various ways in order not to deprive the Iraqi people of their rights."

    He was scheduled to be in session of the House of Representatives today voted on the law of the infrastructure, but the President of the Council Osama Najafi announced adjourn the meeting to next Saturday for lack of quorum ... p / i


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    Thursday 11 October 2012
    Attachment 94
    Bolani reveals that al-Qaeda is preparing these days to carry out a major operation in the country may be larger

    Follow-up - and babysit - Detection and former Interior Minister Jawad al-Bolani Qaeda's willingness these days to carry out a major operation in Iraq may be the biggest, noting that "perpetrators will be terrorists who escaped from a prison Tasfirat Tikrit."

    Bolani said in a statement today that "all security reports and indicate the intention of parliamentary rule for a major operation carried out soon in Baghdad."

    He added that "implementing will of terrorists who were released from prison Tikrit, while funding will be from the Tsil oil tanks in the western region, Mosul," stressing "the need to coordinate tasks between the security services to prevent the base of the implementation of this scheme bloody Sisahq lives of many innocent people. "

    The armed group took control on September 27 on a prison Tasfirat Tikrit in Salahuddin province, after a car bomb, and smuggled prisoners. Repeated escapes of prisoners in Iraq after 2003, amid accusations of prison administrations and officials of financial and administrative corruption.

    Sources told a few days ago for ready-Qaeda to carry out [the largest] process since 2003 in Iraq, pointing out that the process will depend on the new tactic of organizing coaching whereby elements intensively, using and for the first time] all funding sources inside and outside Iraq

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    Thursday 11 October 2012
    Attachment 95

    Al-Qaeda build training camps for criminals near the Syrian-Iraqi border

    Follow-up - and babysit - The Associated Press reports that al-Qaida reconstitute itself and build training camps for criminals in the Western Desert of Iraq

    While extremist group benefit from instability and security failure of the government to restore power, according to some officials say. The report went on the newspaper yesterday that "Iraq has witnessed a surge in al Qaeda attacks in the weeks past ten where officials believe that most of the fighters are former inmates who either they have escaped from prison or been freed by Iraqi authorities for lack of evidence while many said observers that most of these are from Saudi Arabia or the Gulf states. " The report continues by saying that "Iraqi officials and U.S. say at the moment that terrorist groups have increased their numbers more than doubled a year ago where speculates that number could rise from 1000 to 2500 fighters where carrying out an average of 140 attacks per week in different parts of Iraq, the highest of 75 attack rate in each week beginning this year, according to data from the U.S.

    Department of Defense. " Continued the report by saying that the "new growth for the organization al-Qaeda branch, known as" Islamic State of Iraq "is not unexpected. Was commander of ground forces, General Ali Ghaidan said that" in the vast desert in western Iraq near the Syrian border, revealed the Iraqi security forces recently remnants terrorist training camps. "adding that" In a raid of the Iraqi army in the region over the past month in the area of ​​the island, which covers three provinces found 10 tents scattered used Kmekhemat to train terrorists with thousands of bullets and casings This demonstrates the use of those places as a field archery training criminals " .

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    Thursday 11 October 2012
    Attachment 96
    Saudi Arabia decided to delete the name of Israel from hostile states!

    Follow-up - and babysit - launched in Island "Corsica" French military exercises joint French girl under the name "Tiger-2", in the first post of the Saudi army maneuvers in Europe.

    The Web site reported "rivers Net" that Lt. Gen. Khalid bin Bandar bin Abdul Aziz Naval Forces Commander Arabia "These exercises are an episode of joint exercises conducted by Saudi Arabia with friendly countries have, which is not directed against any party no longer willing to work a specific military ".

    He said the military commander Saudi maneuvers that comes in the framework of the objectives set by the senior leadership of the Saudi armed forces, and aims to raise the level of combat readiness, without specifying the Saudi Arabia is preparing to fight against it.

    And by location Observers believe that the huge budget for arming adopted by Saudi Arabia and amounted to about $ 70 billion, and military agreements entered into with the United States in the first instance, France and Britain, aimed to prepare for any sudden war may enter Saudi Arabia.

    Sources in the French defense ministry said the exercises will take place in the framework of the agreement on military cooperation between France and Saudi Arabia, and will also involve about one thousand of military ground and air forces Arabia and ground and air forces and the French Navy.

    He continued site "Mesopotamia Net" that Western observers specialists affairs Saudi Arabia, see "He practically baptized Saudis to delete a name (Israel) from the list of countries hostile to Saudi Arabia, but that their media received strict instructions from the Ministry of Information and since the period is short, ignoring published Articles Mahdhirh the risk of (Israel) in the region, in return for explicit and clear instructions that the media is focusing on a daily basis and continuously against Iran, and filmed the first enemy of the Saudi regime and the Gulf states allied to the West. "

    The exercises will take place at the base of "Slendzara" Air France located on the island mentioned in the Mediterranean Sea, and lasts for two weeks with the participation of naval carrying sophisticated missiles and attack helicopters and landing operations training and occupation sites

    M. J

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