Najafi calls to cancel a number of ministries
10/11/2012 12:33 am

Committee of the Regions supports the holding of five amendments to the Law on Governorates
Baghdad, Omar Abdel-Latif
Called House Speaker Osama Nujaifi to cancel a number of ministries, stressing the need to launch the hands of officials in the provinces to act Bmhafezathm freely without any restrictions by the federal government.
Nujaifi said in a speech during his attendance at a meeting to exchange views on the proposed Second Amendment to the provincial law is Regular province No. 21 for the year 2008 that «it is important to understand the relationship between the federal government and the provinces and how the distribution of powers among themselves and application management system decentralization».
said Najafi to «that if what has been taking into account the amendment of that law Fsnthol to a new phase of cooperation between the two authorities».
hinted During the meeting of the Committee of the Regions and governorates not organized province and attended the «morning» that lack of understanding of this relationship and overcome the party to another party in power needs to be addressed paragraphs so special and located within the proposed law, stressing the need to give local governments a greater role of the predicate have now Being elected governments by the people, citing the example of the process of entering the army to any province should be applied to maintain itself through a committee headed by the governor to report it or not.
renewed Najafi call to the need to cancel some of the ministries during the session government coming, and keep ministries Federal.
For his part, supported the decision of the Commission of the regions and governorates not organized province parliamentary Ziad Tariq worldwide abolition in a statement for »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network» what the number of members of the provincial councils on the need to make amendments dealing with violations that occurred in the previous round.
said the worldwide abolition that the most important of these amendments are senior and prescription legislation and prepare deputies and assistants and advisers conservative and elevating the head of the provincial council to the Deputy Minister, and another problem related to the Baghdad Provincial Council on the body that supervises the work of the Municipality of Baghdad and elected secretary.
As a member of the House of Representatives for the National Alliance for Asadi has said the law provincial No. 21 of 2008 when many of the shortcomings and needs to be a set of additions, especially in relation to the powers granted to the heads of administrative units. said in an interview for «Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network» «We see now in the provinces chaos abuses and a loss of prestige of the state, so the law that gives powers to the heads of administrative units to impose prestige of the state », indicating« we mentioned in more than one occasion that the relevant committee to add and read this proposal and so far there are no such paragraph in the law ».
complained Asadi of Another problem is Bdoawin provinces, warning that the head of the provincial council when it comes to office for election cycle full comes his team to the Council and when you are finished its pulls all Protozoa relating to the conservation, demanding that there be a Cabinet fixed in the province and the appointment of staff on permanent staffing when doing their job to manage Provincial Council for members or staff and يزيحون burden on provincial council chairman. As part online, said a member of the Legal Committee Adel al-Maliki: The «Law provinces integrated for management decentralization enshrined in the constitution».
expressed MP Maliki «lamented the existence of laws in which the powers of central ministries competent that overlap the functions of provincial councils or provincial Why upheaval during the previous period and a delay in the work of the provincial councils and the provinces to provide the required services to the citizens ». said in an interview» Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network »that« the simplest thing the powers of the province is allocated a piece of land for the project service-specific, and this needs to be approved by more than the Ministry and long months until the issuance ». cautioned MP Maliki that« any new amendment to this law, if not accompanied with changes in laws ministries, especially the ministries that interfere in its work with the provinces would be an amendment sterile nor comes to any result ». also called for the need to be laws ministries flexible especially those powers of jurisdiction provinces do not need any approval from the center Kalaamar and Housing and Municipalities and Public Works, Labour and Social Affairs, either the powers of other ministries could be given priority for what you want the provinces.
cautioned to the need not to form a management committee to decentralization because we we will create a new crisis in the powers between the federal government and the provinces, because this body needs time to set up and meeting members and the approval of all ministries at the request province specific instead of one ministry at this time.
also described Deputy Prime Salahuddin province Engineer Sabhan Mullah horses amendment to the law of provincial councils No. 21 of 2008 b »political» rather than legal, while supported Prime Wasit province Mahmoud Abdul Ridha Talal what went to him House Speaker to cancel the Ministries of Labour and Social Affairs and Municipalities and Public Works, Education and Agriculture and Health During the next government session and give validity to the provinces. in the meantime, chaired by the President of the House of Representatives Wednesday meeting of the parliamentary committee in charge of preparing an election law the province of Kirkuk in the presence of representatives of the UN mission to help Iraq. During the meeting, review what has been agreed upon at the previous meeting, as well as discuss the proposal made ​​by MP Arshad Salhi on when to hold elections and checking voter registration and the sharing of power and the security situation in the province when the elections.
called parliament speaker on all parties to abide by past and hold more meetings to reach understandings on topics to identify the mechanisms of power-sharing in Kirkuk and when to hold elections and the possibility of dividing the province into electoral districts multiple, as well as on the subject of (quota) for positions in the province.
warned Nujaifi of the worsening situation in Kirkuk by the failure to hold elections and the survival of the current situation of not reaching consensus between the main components in the province, calling on the UN mission in Iraq to be future meetings sponsored and supervision to reach understandings on outstanding issues.
For its part, the UN mission in Iraq for formed a taskforce comprising military experts, politicians and experts in the field of elections to prepare and a working paper on how to maintain security when conducting elections in the province to the satisfaction of all parties, as announced by for a visit by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to Kirkuk to meet all of the ingredients in the province. The mission underscored the need for further consultations.