Source: the arrival of 4 thousands of U.S. troops to Iraq, including translators in Farsi

2012-10-10 11:18:53

BAGHDAD (Iba) ... Sources familiar and more reliable than 200 American contractor of doctors and translators Persian representing Vanguards U.S. troops have arrived in Baghdad already taken from Muthanna airport near the headquarters of the Dawa Party, the center of the capital, temporarily based its pending completion of many U.S. troops due to of up to more than 16 000 troops respectively. stressed sources told the independent press (Iba) that these doctors and translators of Persian and Arabic are of Iranian origin and Iraqi, contractors, mainly with the U.S. State Department for a period of two years for salaries of $ 14 thousand dollars a month each of them, without aspiration sources on the cause for which it was brought these translators and doctors or the reason for their stay in this place, which is one of the places that fall within the responsibility of the Dawa Party, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

The sources close access to many U.S. troops in Iraq now stands at about 4000 military, including technicians and translators and medical cadres and fighters, is due to the number of these soldiers 16 000 troops within the next few weeks after the completion of the number planned. Their part expressed by observers from the surprise of the existence of these large numbers of Persian language translators between vanguard of U.S. troops returning to Iraq nor the reason for which they were brought, while others predicted that this matter is linked to expected military operation against Iran from Iraqi territory.

The Agency (IBA) have been reported in successive reports, citing sources and a large decline in the number of U.S. military cargo planes from Hercules 130 C in two lion western Iraq and (Aloyr House) near Baquba, east of Baghdad.

The Republican candidate for the U.S. presidency, Mitt Romney, who candidacy opinion polls to win the next election, has accused President Barack Obama of urgency in the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, saying that the gains achieved hard-earned there eroded with increasing violence and al Qaeda activity, which points to the desire U.S. to return to Iraq again, especially after the failure of Iraqi forces to holding file security, which has deteriorated significantly and the growing terrorist attacks and bombings and assassinations organization and mass escape from prison and the spread of corruption in the country after the withdrawal of U.S. forces late last year.

The U.S. magazine The Nation quoted last week that U.S. military official squad of U.S. Special Forces recently returned to Iraq on a mission and described the fight against terrorism, in the magazine said.

The magazine found that this return means admission of failure, and that the situation in the troubled country not stabilized, and that the decision for a full withdrawal from Iraq was a mistake. depth=1& /