Alfalh: attempts Allawi "failed" and Iraqi leaders will attend the national meeting

The time on Wednesday, October 10 1 / Okrudolf 2012 06:51 | |

Baghdad / Orr News
He called for a coalition of state law on Falh political blocs to attend the national meeting, which will call him President of the Republic soon in order to ensure the meeting's success in achieving its goals.

Said Falh told (Orr) that "the political blocs claim to come to the national meeting, which called him President Jalal Talabani to achieve the objectives of the meeting to resolve contentious issues between the political blocs," noting that "in the interest of all the blocks to come to the meeting in order to put points its demands to reach a unified vision in accordance with the Constitution. "
He Alfalh "Any refusal to be released from the political blocs to come to the national meeting will signal the intention of those parties in foil efforts Talabani to resolve the political crisis", criticizing a hint of some parties in the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List, absent from the national meeting, describing attempts existing Iraqi President subtracting a series of demands before attending the national meeting as unsuccessful attempts will not in its favor, especially in light of the support the most prominent Iraqi leaders to hold a national meeting and assertions to come to the meeting "