Talabani calls for the application of the theory of 'Pompon' stresses: the power of Iraq diverse national, religious and sectarian

10.10.2012 12:00 AM

Expectations hold national conference within a month
BAGHDAD - morning
confirmed President Jalal Talabani that Iraq strong diverse national and religious, sectarian, and that this diversity was always a source of wealth of the country culturally and socially.
came during a meeting Talabani delegation sons Mandaean community headed by Sheikh Sattar Jabbar sweet head range Mandaeans.
and highlighted President Talabani light on the political situation of the country, referring to continue efforts to remove the obstacles that hinder solving problems that have accumulated and complicated, stressing the importance of reliable to apply theory Pompon which means concerted efforts and contribution and cooperation of everyone in purifying the atmosphere and serenity intentions to put effective solutions to the crises and build a prosperous future for Iraq.
said the president that «Sabean component Iraqi authentic and ancient contributed throughout history to build a civilization of Iraq and the culture and progress in various fields, and saves them date their national acclaimed that crossed through different eras for their adherence to national values ​​inherent contributed Bagnaúha through their behavior High always based on love and brotherhood, tolerance and peace.
delegation conveyed the greetings of the congregation at home and abroad to the president, who in turn carry his greetings to all the sons of the Sabean Mandaeans. Also heard President Talabani to talk comprehensive which he made ​​members of the delegation thanked the President and the blessing of his tireless efforts to solve problems and promote Iraq wisdom and contain the current crisis experience political and exit Iraq to safety appraisers role Talabani in keeping the Constitution and respect the rights of various sects and creeds and races on the basis of fraternal coexistence in Iraq free democratic federal. In another context, browse the president during a meeting in Baghdad on Tuesday ambassadors and representatives of EU member states accredited and Turkish Ambassador to Iraq, the overall contacts and meetings with the various Iraqi parties to reach effective solutions serve the political process of democracy taking place in the country and the evolution of its tracks different. Talabani said: «Iraqis who disagree with some of them in politics are also capable of understanding and an end to differences in a brotherly spirit open and tolerant and cooperative in order to build the country and serve the people. Meanwhile MP for the coalition of state law d. Ali Alfalh in an interview for Bri Center for the Iraqi Media Network «President Jalal Talabani Egypt on the convening of the National Conference, adding that setting a date for the collection of leaders at the dialogue table is imminent. He Alfalh in his statement that the meetings the president the parties political, which began last week continued and it is not a protocol, but for the views of the political blocs noting that the National Conference will be held that the president has insisted on his contract ». Between Alfalh that reform paper to be discussed at the national conference will be reduced and limited to the main axes, expected to be scheduled national conference within a month we do not believe that Allawi and Barzani will be a party to thwart the National Conference and will succeed the president in collecting political parties «. In a related context called the president of the Fidelity dissident Iraqi List Abdul Khader Taher in an interview »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network» political parties to show flexibility and a genuine desire to end the crisis and avoid procrastination and take parliament real role in completing the legislation, including the law of infrastructure and other laws in the absence of justifications that led to disruption of legislation that serve the citizen and the process political ». and efforts Talabani and reform project that tries to President of the Republic through the collection of political leaders and find a mechanism to implement it and resolve differences confirmed Tahir that« the President presented an initiative is respected and honored and convincing each of the political parties must be intent to make it successful real to cross the crisis and move forward