Twilight News / Iraqi government denied the arrival of American troops private estimated to number in the thousands to the country to help the security forces in the face of armed groups.

He said Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said in a statement reported for "Twilight News", that Iraq did not receive any form of American forces, and the news completely unfounded. "

Dabbagh said that the presence of any U.S. troops on Iraqi soil after the American withdrawal needs to cover legislative and legal in the United States as well as in Iraq, saying that Baghdad has not asked Washington to send any troops.

The Iraqi Council of Ministers took a decision last week to cancel or not to extend any presence of foreign forces or bases on Iraqi territory.

Referred to as the United States announced in December 2011, when the last military convoys in Iraq.

The magazine "The Nation" the U.S. has published a report on the arrival of American troops to Iraq on a mission to combat terrorism.