Aldorki: agreement on a security wesihashm ministries candidates at national meeting

Voice of Iraq- Baghdad (News)09-10-2012

Member of State of law Coalition National Alliance Deputy Fouad aldorki, a consensus between the political blocs to candidates of the security ministries, indicating the presence of some deputies representing external agendas but cannot take action against them because of political compromises.
He said in a statement aldorki (News Agency news): the first national meeting items will resolve the security ministries, especially since there is a near consensus among the blocks on the security ministries but candidates would be the fruits of the meeting.

He added: there are some political actors operate under foreign agendas does not want the political process to settle down so trying to block laws within the dome of Parliament and tarry the political process.

The Attorney for the State of law Coalition: that political compromises prevented from ending the deputies but in the upcoming elections as a majority Government will take action against any Vice is foreign agendas.

He was a member of State of law Coalition National Alliance MP Kazem Al-bahadili, stressed that the political crisis will be resolved through some political blocs away from application of external agendas, noting that the Alliance was ready to accept any paper to negotiate on condition that they do not contradict the Constitution.

The Prime Minister still manages devices illiteracy, is undecided candidates for security ministries since the formation of the Government two years ago