Kurdistan Democratic and Patriotic Union of stress on the need to protect the strategic alliance between the two

The offices of politicians of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, on Tuesday held a joint meeting. Issued after the end of the meeting a joint communiqué, which reads as follows:

In the framework of the joint meetings between the political offices of the Patriotic Union of the Democratic Party, held today Tuesday, 9/10/2012, a joint meeting in the capital Arbil, where During the meeting, they discussed many important topics concerning relations between the two sides, in addition to internal events and developments, Iraqi and regional.

And about the strategic alliance, the two sides considered this alliance need for the current phase and the situation in the region, Iraq and Kurdistan, and both sides insisted on the need to protect this alliance and better follow its content,

In addition to continuing to common position towards the important files, and internal Iraqi and regional, and topics related to the higher interests of democracy and nationalism and patriotism.

It was decided during the meeting as well, continue to hold joint meetings in the fastest what can be, and in accordance with the program drafted earlier.

Political Bureau of the Political Bureau
Patriotic Union of Kurdistan of the Kurdistan Democratic Party