Talabani: Sabean component Iraqi authentic shares through history to build civilization
On: Tuesday 10/09/2012 10:01 am

 Baghdad / term
confirmed by President Jalal Talabani that Iraq strong diverse national and religious, sectarian, and that this diversity was always a source of richness country culturally and coexistence sons and acceptance of diversity and respect for differences.
came in during his interview with the delegation of the sons of the Mandaean community, headed by Sheikh Sattar Jabbar sweet head Sabean Mandaean community,
Who attended to express their welcome and congratulations return of President Jalal Talabani healthy authorizes God to Baghdad.
Speaking with the delegation, highlighted President Talabani light on the political situation of the country, referring to continue efforts to remove the obstacles that hinder solving problems that have accumulated and complicated, stressing the importance of rely on the application of the theory of Pompon which means concerted efforts and contribution and cooperation of everyone in purifying the atmosphere and serenity intentions to develop effective solutions to the crises and build a prosperous future for Iraq.
said President of the Republic: The Sabian component Iraqi authentic and ancient contributed throughout history to build a civilization of Iraq and the culture and progress in various fields .. and saves them date their national acclaimed that crossed through different eras for their adherence to national values ​​inherent contributed Bagna˙ha through their behavior High-based always on love and brotherhood, tolerance and peace.
delegation conveyed the greetings of the congregation at home and abroad to President Talabani, who Download his greetings to all members of the Sabean Mandaean community. Also heard Talabani to talk comprehensive which he made ​​members of the delegation thanked the President and blessed his tireless efforts to resolve problems and promote Iraq wisdom and contain the current crisis experience political and exit Iraq to safety appraisers role fateful him to save the Constitution and respect the rights of various sects and creeds and races on the basis of coexistence fraternal in a democratic Iraq Hrathada.
As part of his meetings President received yesterday morning delegation Islamic Virtue Party headed by Secretary General of the party, Mr. Hashem al-Hashemi.
heard Talabani to offer comprehensive by the delegation's view the party on the political crisis and the problems between the various parties, as provided by the delegation envisioned the solutions that deems appropriate to exit the crisis.
During the meeting, stressed the importance of relying on practical dialogue product among all the forces which put the interests of the country and the people in mind .. It was also stressed the importance of adhering to the principles of the Constitution and the observance of agreements and work in a spirit of brotherhood to create base dialogue and joint action in this circumstance delicate through which the country.
President Talabani at the start of the meeting may thanked the delegation for their welcome and congratulations بشفائه and return to Baghdad to continue its pivotal role in the management of the country and bring the views of the various parties through an environment of dialogue and understanding ă╬ćÝ frank and constructive .. In this regard, the President republic importance of concerted efforts and cooperation to reach solutions contribute to the strengthening of the unity in the framework of the political process and ensure the participation of all in the state on various levels ..