Nassif calls for political blocs to meet Talabani's call for a national meeting seriously and not critical to pay them before

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By: editor
on: Mon 10/08/2012 06:38 pm

MP for the coalition called the Iraqi Free high Nassif political blocs to "meet the invitation of President Jalal Talabani to hold a national meeting in earnest and not critical to push them in front of their audience."

She told him Almketbha media, and reached a copy (for our) that the current stage and witnessed differences and rivalries political require everyone invitation Talabani to hold national meeting and end the state of tension that began reflected actual work of state institutions in all areas, as well as their implications and repercussions negative impact on the overall security situation to the point for dangerous prisoners to control the prison Tasfirat Tikrit and slaughtered dozens of police amid concern all political differences. "

She added: "We hope to deal the political blocs with national meeting seriously and honestly, and have the convictions and the real intentions of the success of the national meeting and end all political debates clemency citizen and not to pay the embarrassment itself, and liberated its control of Satwa Foreign for Iraq and its people."