Jamal watermelon questioned the possibility of the success of the President to resolve differences
Date: 10/08/2012 07:59:40 Monday

Baghdad (news) .. questioned MP / Iraqi bloc white / beauty melon, the possibility of the President of the Republic to resolve outstanding differences, noting that the election produced a heterogeneous political force has caused the current crisis since (10) years.
The melon in a statement (of the Agency news): The parliamentary elections produced a heterogeneous political force because of ethnic communities and heterogeneity of this led to the absence of national interest for such a force.

He added: the lack of trust between the parties led to political complications reflected on the security situation and the political, economic and national sovereignty existence States began to construct "fingers" inside Iraqi territory.

He questioned the secretary-general of the Iraqi bloc white: attempts president to bring the views between the blocks because differences existed (10) years and can not be meeting the national to come out with positive results and if Tmkhrj satisfactory results there will be agreement on the minimum differences but political complications continue.

The MP for / coalition in Iraq / Abdul Khader al-Tahir, described the current crisis as "the most dangerous" politically over the last ten years of democratic experience in the country, adding that the response will be through dialogues and meetings and meetings that have failed in every sense and brought us to a dead end.

Said Tahir in an earlier statement (the news): The response to the crisis would be surprising for all, where will arise eventually layers of the Iraqi people downtrodden of the unemployed and the poor and will appear arenas editing and not square one, in addition to the real work being done by national figures now to save the country from the pleasantries and sessions sharing chairs and positions .