Talabani begins next week, the second round of dialogues convergence of views »

10/08/2012 12:00 am

Stressed the importance of work with Iraqi exclusive spirit and the interest of the country
Baghdad morning
Science «Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network» of a presidential source familiar with the next week will the second round of dialogues with President Jalal Talabani to bring the views and agreed to hold a national conference expanded.
received by President Jalal Talabani on Sunday morning in Baghdad and the Science and Technology Minister Dr Abdul Karim al-Samarrai and the number of deputies in the Iraqi List. views were exchanged about all political issues and ways to create a suitable ground to create an atmosphere of understanding and activating the performance of the government and state institutions and upgrading them. In this regard has been addressed to the activities and performance of the Ministry of Science and Technology, which provides scientific services are important, and signed by President Talabani to the law ministry. Was also discussed the general situation in the country, including the political situation, and reviewed Talabani thrust of his meetings with the leaders of parties and political blocs in order to reach the dismantling of the current crisis and to intensify efforts to resolve outstanding problems. The President stressed the importance of thinking and acting in the spirit of Iraq and the need to make the exclusive interest of the country and the stability and social peace and prosperity for all Iraqis above all considerations and trends pointing to the importance to be dialogues and meetings based on brotherly frankness and constructive cooperation. For his part, the Minister of Science and Technology explanation on the functioning of the ministry and the steps being taken to advance the science and development in Iraq. The minister praised the role of national and fateful role of President Talabani in this sensitive stage, indicating the need to support all the parties of the political spectrum and their social efforts that the country needs to get out of the current crises.
loom on the horizon of the Iraqi crisis the idea of holding an agreement to resolve similar idea agreement that led to the formation of the current government as the best possible solutions to the crisis that has defied solution only through consensus, warned against some deputies of the danger of continuing political situation amid fears of a regional war in the region and some countries' attempts to make Iraq a party ».
MP said the Iraqi Free Zuhair al-Araji said in an interview «Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network that the solution to the current crisis will not be only political Baltuaqat that formed under the current government. Calling on the major political blocs «reduce Mtalibha ceiling that some of the proposals made ​​have exacerbated the crisis. Araji said Talabani task is not easy and you need to follow a serious and show flexibility of the political parties, which called for the formation of committees or delegations, especially among the major blocs and Iraqi National Alliance and the Kurdistan to negotiate and to find common points «. He went Araji «The solution is through a meeting of the political parties and leaders first grade and decision-makers at the dialogue table and find a mechanism to implement the terms of the draft reform, which is a paper containing proposals all political blocs».
​​ruled Araji convene a meeting of the decision-makers at the moment, saying «it difficult to gather decision-makers on the dialogue table sponsored Talabani at the moment with spend President to hold bilateral meetings or triple to reach understandings being able to gather leaders major political blocs in the meeting united ».
predicted Araji «be no developments on the political scene in the light of the increasing pressures The internal tension and regional noting that dialogues will pave to create a positive atmosphere and support the efforts of the president to call for a national conference ».
Araji said «the political blocs aside their differences aside and make the public interest to partisan interests and work Kprlman to pass legislation vital that are part of the current crisis, including laws Oil and Gas Policy Council and Article 140 and the law of infrastructure and amnesty. In the absence of passing legislation, the solutions that would result from the National Congress in the event of his contract will be partial and will not resolve all the differences and perhaps leave to future sessions ».
warned Araji of the seriousness of the political situation in Iraq in light of regional variables that threaten to ignite war in the region, especially that Iraq muck and try to outside parties make it a party in this war unless available solutions to the current crisis to restore stability to the political process and take clear positions and standardization of speech and political attitudes of those developments ». Meanwhile, a head of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc in the House of Representatives Fuad Masum said the president still needs to more time to develop a clear picture can be built upon in the framework of the convening of the National Congress.
said Masum's »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network» he «sees that there is a need for more time in order to develop a clear picture can be built upon in the framework of the convening of National Congress, which must be available to him within reasonable limits of success ». and continued to« Talabani permanent link and communication with all parties as well as he always relevant and coordination with the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, on the current political crisis ».
President Talabani called in a statement during a meeting Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki political forces to show more flexibility in order to reach a solution. For his part, MP for the coalition in Iraq Talal Hussein Zobaie Prime list Iyad Allawi will attend the national conference.
Zobaie said in a press statement that «the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi will attend effectively to the National Congress because it advocates solving problems in Iraq and so not responsible for the problems that will occur ».
added that the president is able to be down on the political parties to show concessions, expected to reach political leaders to some of the solutions because the nature of the differences greater than National Conference that will reach to partial and complete solution where the current election cycle.
said MP for the coalition in Iraq to the existence of problems can not be solved related to the constitution he wrote in a critical stage in Iraq's history, and it serves the interests of some parties.