Sources (range): U.S. special force monitors the airport and border banks
On: Sunday 07/10/2012 10:10 am

 Baghdad / supporter Tayeb
said an official source existence experts sent by the U.S. government are watching the central bank in order to make sure not to smuggle money, or to make sure there is no money laundering within the bank, and monitor customs by the Customs General to ensure that the entry of materials and prohibited goods to the country ,
While assuring enter the American military force to Baghdad International Airport to become responsible for the inspection of Iranian planes bound for Syria over Iraq, fearing that those aircraft are loaded with weapons to support the Syrian regime facing popular protests and an armed uprising led by the Free Syrian Army. The spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance MP supporter good that "this action is in the case and evidence to the U.S. Government that the weapons transported by air in the Iranian aircraft through our skies, there is nothing wrong in this step if it is supported with the consent of our government, especially if the Syrian regime almost isolated from the world now , and indicate this step a patent government of supporting the Syrian regime, which is also evidence that the government supports the Syrian people in their revolution. "
in what was considered a political analyst Saad al-Hadithi that what is being said about this American presence is a kind of exaggeration, pointing out that the issue where the intervention of parties are trying to provoke conflict against the Iranian side.
added Hadithi "in the case of an agreement between the government and the American side For the U.S. government control Iraqi airspace intensively and large, because the breach of the atmosphere is not limited to Iranian side only, and the control atmosphere in order to protect the country from foreign interference and not only protect Syrian territory from entering them with weapons through our skies. "
It is worth mentioning that the government began last Tuesday claim Iranian jets destined for Syria to land at Baghdad International Airport for inspection after Washington promised to conduct random checks to prevent the arrival of weapons to Damascus.
Authorities said they conducted the first inspections of Iranian plane on Tuesday afternoon past and allowed the plane to travel to Syria, where he confirmed not found the weapons.
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