The comprehensive paper to resolve differences
Intensive meetings to finalize the final results of the national meeting
Baghdad / justice - 10/07/2012 - 1:27 am | Hits: 13

In the framework of political moves by the Iraqi President Jalal Talabani in order to collect political parties to the dialogue table, and after a long way from the talks and dialogues with the various components of the political process

The President intends to put a paper containing a complete solution to the differences in political dialogues that will be undertaken with the political blocs in the next phase. The MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs Sirwan Ahmadan Talabani will present a comprehensive paper during bilateral meetings with leaders of political blocs to resolve outstanding differences among them. Added: all the political blocs show concessions and leave the partisan interests and factional, pointing to the existence of the possibility of resolving disputes if there was a real will of the blocks and sincerity to resolve differences will be able blocs of resolving the problems. Moreover Deputy Prime Kurdistan Alliance bloc in the House of Representatives Mohsen al-Sadoun said the political situation should settle and ceilings specified time. Sadoun said that "talking about paper reforms without finding solutions to the problems existing for a long time is the reason for worsening the crisis in the country. "and added that" it has become difficult for the public opinion because it is seen to hospital the political process and how to resolve these difficulties and overcome them, "noting that" the continued lack of application of the Constitution and the lack of commitment to the conventions and the spacing between the leaders of political blocs and the lack of a clear vision for the application of it takes the federal system has created a lot of Almarqlat difficult overall political process. "and pointed out that" the current political situation is not enviable because Alirhasat political and there is no real intention to resolve the current crisis. "In a related development revealed among parliamentary for coming days will witness meetings intense in the coming period to develop the final results of the meeting of the national reflected results positive role the legislative and executive. reported the National Alliance MP victory Hassan Ali that the political process will see over the coming period active movement of dialogues and meetings between the leaders of the political blocs to crystallize the final results of a national meeting, pointing to the existence of willingness among the National Alliance formulation flexibility in order to resolve differences. added that the political blocs will launch programs at the national meeting to be agreed upon and resolving disputes, one after the other, pointing to the existence of demands utensils implementation and other take a long time. indicated National Alliance MP Elian National Alliance has prepared formulation flexibility to solve this crisis because the positive results will be reflected positively at branches legislative, executive and especially since many of the laws Off and need to dialogues and agreed upon. At the level of holding the national meeting and talking about the paper reforms, the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki put the need to adopt a paper reform adopted by the National Alliance to attend any meeting between the political blocs to resolve the current crisis. statement of the Prime Minister's office confirmed al-Maliki on "readiness to come to any national meeting aimed at solving problems and according to the paper the stomach and under the roof of the Constitution." said Maliki his support for the paper reform because it included all papers presented so far and increased them. "