Rose Shaways: the relationship between the center and the region 'solid' and the oil law will pass soon

10/07/2012 12:00 am

He said that Iraq got the 'green light' to reduce the compensation of Kuwait from 5 percent to 2 percent or 3 percent
Baghdad morning
described the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Dr. Rose Nuri Shaways form of relations between the province and the center as "strong", He denied reports that the presence of foreign pressure contributed Bhlhalh crisis between the two parties, considering what happened that he is nothing more than a "difference of views",
confirming the presence of common factors that led to the settlement of all disputes, stands in forefront convinced both sides to strengthen Iraq's imports through increased financial volume of crude oil exports, both of the center and south, or from the region, in reference to the crisis of oil exports from Kurdistan on its way to a settlement. While not see Shaways be treated the region with international oil companies "unconstitutional", stressed that the convergence of views resulted in common conviction of the need to approve oil and gas law, which he said Shaways that he would "work for the more than half of the settlement crisis relationship between the province and the center, particularly the paragraphs of this law largely in line with what was brought by the Constitution, which stressed the need to exploit all practical means to increase oil production to achieve the greatest benefit for the people. " breakthrough promised Shaways crisis through dialogue extensive interview with "morning", "the advent of President Jalal Talabani, to Baghdad, one of the most important factors driving to resolve their political differences existing at the moment, stressing that" the president has theses compromise and developed in collaboration with Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari to bring the views and overcoming obstacles to the entire political process. "With Shaways that saw the collection of political parties by Talabani to the dialogue table is the first step to solve, draw that the agreement on the settlement also comes through desire and conviction of all parties involved in the political process. Shaways called to the need to deal with the Iraqi reality logically through the involvement of three main components in any judgment or alliance, and this Ingredients should participate in the management of a unified Iraq, pointing out that this picture represents the spirit of the Constitution, which was founded by the new Iraq. majority electoral While Shaways stressed the need representation of all Iraqi components in any future judgment, reduced of the importance that interpreted the results of the upcoming elections to deliver a particular party or an overwhelming majority to power, noting that Parliament able to define the powers of the three presidencies, the Republic and the Cabinet and Parliament, in reference to the lack of the possibility of private particular party power and the formation of a majority government, explaining that since 2003 has been agreed between all Iraqi factions on the necessity of the participation of all components in power. criticized Deputy Prime Minister style political approach believing it immature optimally, noting the predominance personal interests alliances, expected for Iraq to other years out of the transition successfully. Shaways considered political volatility happening in the country is a natural condition in the light of the stage such as those experienced by Iraq, which also contains the opinion of Shaways fluctuations large in political alliances, stressing that in the event pass Iraq for all those failures and stabilized the political and security situation and economic then people may accept one-party rule that comes through elections. Abizaid Shaways "Everybody knows that Iraq does not can be judged, not by one, not by the parties, but needs to involve all parties convinced the constitution and believe in the new Iraq. " crisis in the region and the center and commenting on the question, "morning" on extents status differences between the province and the center, said Shaways he is pessimistic about the crisis in Baghdad and Erbil, especially as part of the process of production and export of oil, has been Tzlilh pointing to the existence of historical interests connects all parties in a unified Iraq, which was built in the light common interests that combine its various components.Shaways said "everyone realized this fact and touch, which called on them to resort to logic and to seek convergence of views and resolving problems, not deepen, which resulted in virtually directed the parties to find formulas emerged from the quick and timely solutions happy with all parties. " Shaways revealed that the two sides (the government and the province) reached a common convictions of their leaders through dialogue (Shaways a limb) to find results quick and unexpected, especially after it got the these dialogues common interest which represented an increase of oil production, either from the region or the center, thereby increasing financial proceeds Iraq, stressing that the two sides were seeking to raise Iraq's oil exports , and strengthen the country's fiscal revenues, which facilitated the process to reach a common agreement. caused the contracts concluded by the Kurdistan with international oil companies to extract and export oil, unlike the sharp between the province and the center, peaked last month when the government has set up a committee instructed the need to deductions oil export ratios province in the next budget, before the issue would be resolved according to Shaways which believes that Iraq should deepen its relations with international companies specialized oil industry in order to gain the maximum amount of technical expertise, and the central government amid assurances the illegality of the contracts by the province, did not see Shaways dealing with those companies harmful in Iraq, saying that the harmony between the province and the center, that does not prevent Each Party shall have your opinion and direction, especially if look at it from several angles, notably the corner, which says that the province does not want to contribute to support budgets Iraq, and this is completely false and has nothing to do with reality, according to Shaways, who asked in this regard, "what he has to say about people put a misnomer like shows that the region does not wish to support Iraq's resources, especially since the Kurdistan he could not produce oil and sufficiency assignments annual budget amounting to 17 percent of Iraq's budget, but the This it sees politicians in the province a major imbalance, and contrary to the opinion Center shows Shaways that in the case that the region produces 17 per cent of the size of Iraq's budget, it is important to support Iraq's revenues, and here comes devote the large interest of the parties together. constitution and contracting At that time indicates the center of the illegality of contracts, confirms Shaways Kurdistan see that the constitution allows them to contract with international oil companies, criticizing what went center of opinions on the inadmissibility of such contracts in accordance with of the laws, which he said Shaways "entrench the principle of central rule in force at the time of the former regime", pointing out that the center did not explain those laws that prevent the region from contracting as clear, especially that these laws contradict what went to him the constitution when in essence focused on democracy, pluralism and decentralization and the free market and private sector involvement.Deputy Prime Minister expressed regret for what he called "the lack of laws" and the failure to complete the part, which is consistent with the Constitution, including the related investment and revive the economic situation and development. law of oil and gas in response to the question, "morning" on how important oil and gas law, if approved, Shaways predicted that solves this law more than half of the outstanding problems between the province and the center on export and contracting operations, revealing near to reach a common formula will lead to the passing of the bill in the coming days after the agreement between the province and the center recently, pointing out that this law, if passed, would be in the interest of the people Iraqi, and will be in line with the constitution, which stressed "the need to exploit all scientific methods to increase production to bring the greatest benefit to the people." Shaways called at the same time to take advantage of all the conventions and Trjtmha to the law of oil and gas contains a great deal of decentralization which can increase investment and production outlets and revive the economic aspects of various forms, agricultural, industrial and commercial, as well as oil investments that promise the "most prominent means of supporting the country imports of Finance." debts and protect the funds of Kuwait Iraq and Shaways hinted that Iraq's money, legally, properly covered, which makes them immune from prosecution creditors, especially after the agreements made ​​in this regard with the Development Fund for Iraq, which save, and UN resolution, all oil sales revenues in it, which is renewed annually protection, but it will end next year, which called for the formation of a committee "to protect Iraq's money," which in turn worked on a timetable for the transfer of these funds to a bank account Central American, and worked to find a new formula to protect the money from creditors, whom he described Shaways they on three forms, the first creditors are right, where it was fully settled, the second debt is right, still an ongoing follow-up process, and type Third is the compensation claims foreign nationals, stressing that the third type has also settled fully in cooperation with the U.S. government and with the agreement of the Iraqi parliament paid compensation Bmekdra $ 400 million. revealed Shaways for Iraq to get "light Green "from the United Nations to reduce the compensation of Kuwait from five percent to 2 percent or 3 percent, and this is important, but will prolong the repayment period, which stressed that it is about to end soon. economy and the free market and in response to the question, "morning" on future economic prospects for Iraq, Shaways said that "a very sound economic policy and as approved by the Constitution need to adopt the principle of the free market, especially when it contains policy on large processors to the economic situation in general, an experience achieved successes In many countries that have turned their central systems to systems open market or free. " But Shaways stipulated a number of things he said were necessary to achieve the highest success rate for those important experience, pointing out the need to "pass laws ensure the success of this experiment, and take certain actions with respect to state-owned companies, legislation that helps to promote the private sector, "he said, adding that" the free market system depends primarily on giving the private sector the pivotal role in the development of the economy, which calls for encouraging and supporting this sector optimally because sector Special has the ability to absorb as much as possible of the unemployed. "Shaways believes the importance of giving way and wide to foreign investment, which confirmed possession of technical and financial capabilities to private Aimitlkha or state companies, which are able to the transfer of advanced technical expertise to the country and train young energetic and industrial revitalization movement. Though he was awarded with more facilities to those companies in order to attract to work in Iraq, but he believes that these measures are insufficient in light of the existence of a functional "used to work the central" belief that it is not easy to shift from a centralized economy to a market economy within a few years, despite the fact that the country is on the right track, based achieving concrete boom in this direction since 2003.

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