Iraqi government: do not expect to renew the United States protect against the DFI
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Thread: Iraqi government: do not expect to renew the United States protect against the DFI

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    Iraqi government: do not expect to renew the United States protect against the DFI

    MP for mass vegetative citizen Hamid, said that President Jalal Talabani can not alone solve the current political crisis in the country.

    The vegetative told all of Iraq [where] "There is no doubt that Talabani has an impact in the political process and progress and duty by virtue of serving as president of the republic that protects the political process and the constitution, but is not possible alone to solve the current political crisis." Noting that "Talabani was two months ago is in Iraq and the problem list has not been resolved in a timely and returning from a trip treatment from Germany to the country should not remain count him so much Yes We say his presence is important but it needs to be serious and incoming honest by the political blocs, especially the large them to resolve the crisis. "

    He explained, "without the help of Talabani by all the political blocs to sit at the table of dialogue, which called her head the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim, which was formed on the basis of the government of national partnership," adding "we still stress the need for national dialogue, but everyone to come to the dialogue structure solution The will of the honest and serious, and that makes the higher interests and national interests is the way. "

    Iraq has been a political crisis that lasted several months due to the escalation of the differences between the political blocs on matters related to the partnership in the management of the state, in addition to other files, most recently was the law of payment on credit, which was introduced by the House of Representatives for discussion and therefore obligatory objections severe than most political blocs notably list Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan on a number of issues while Iraqi demanded the need to develop guarantees for companies that will sign with Iraq, while a student of the Kurdistan Alliance to be 17 per cent in Aleghanonz reported after parliamentary sources that it was agreed between the State of Law coalition and the Kurdistan Alliance that does not pass the law, provided acceptance a coalition of law by the province in the law.

    And still the political process in Iraq deteriorated because of the continuing some political forces claim to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and the trend towards questioning in parliament, after several meetings were held in each of the provinces of Arbil and Najaf, which led to the resort of the National Alliance for the preparation of a paper reforms to resolve the crisis , has suspended political blocs hopes on Talabani, who returned to Iraq after a therapeutic trip in Germany lasted for three months, in order to end the chapters of the political crisis, through the national meeting which called him earlier.
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