[SIZE=4]Mr. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to attend a celebration to mark the anniversary of Central Iraqi Bar Association

Said Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that the legal profession is a profession of the administration of justice, and have a key place in the structure of the state, requires the lawyer to exercise its real role in their country and the administration of justice.

Came through the presence sovereignty Day ceremony held by Central Bar Association on the occasion of the anniversary (79) to establish a union.

He congratulated the Iraqi Bar sovereignty on this occasion, wishing them success and sustainability of work in order to build a modern civilized state, legal and constitutional and fair.

Mr. Prime Minister to the task of solidarity and complementarity between the judiciary standing and sitting in the eradication and achieving justice in the midst of the challenges faced by justice, stressing the importance of the role of the judge courageous at this stage in order to perpetuate the work in a fair and equitable manner.

The sovereignty, saying: regret of the positions of some lawyers when we find them defending criminals, as happened when he defended the criminal Saddam, calling on lawyers to defend the oppressed and refer in their duties to the Constitution.

The Prime Minister said: The policy is care for the interests of the people, and wanted to be politically it that gives politics right nor crosses borders, and that excludes the check of the judiciary and the legal profession, and if that happens, we then lose mainly from the basics of the structure-building, especially when we find politically Aigv at the borders of compliance with the law, who swore it all, and turns of a statesman responsible for the protection of the citizen to a man shed blood and, frankly, the security problem comes through the intervention of politicians, we find those who kill weapon state and its potential, stressing that it is not possible to have murder gateway for change, and for that we made great sacrifices.

He added: should stand when alone in the framework of the Constitution, in addition to working with humanity, and the distinction between the oppressor and the oppressed, stressing that justice, security and services, can not be achieved only through a just judiciary and national responsibilities.

He went on, Mr. Prime Minister, saying: We need to spend a fair non-politicized, has assured the former standing side bar, and we renew today we continue to stand part in the success of their tasks because they legacy is huge and important, and we pledge not to interfere their affairs, has circulated on the state agencies abide its rules of procedure and law, and got the approval of the Council of Ministers on the rehabilitation of a building the union and provide the amount for its support in the pension fund, and our firm is that انضغط on the judiciary and lawyers.

Information Office of the Prime Minister