Maliki: the problem of security in Iraq and political criminals kill the identity of the state and its weapons

Published on Friday, 05 October 1 / Okrudolf 2012 11:13 | Written by: mg | | |

BAGHDAD / obelisk: Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Friday, that there are criminals kill the identity of the state and its weapons, reiterated his assertion that the problem of security in Iraq, political, calling for the necessity of parking with the judiciary to political defending the oppressed.

Maliki said in a speech at a ceremony marking 79 for the establishment of the Iraqi Bar Association and attended "obelisk", "The problem of security in the country is the problem of interference politicians in it," pointing out that "some criminals kill the identity of the state and weapon state and car country and it is difficult to control them for the judge and man security. "
Maliki also criticized defense lawyers for Saddam and wished not to Tucker what he described as "phenomenon" defend tyrants. "
and added that "the Attorney Suhad Khafaji kill official in the state and it is not fair that cites dozens of judges," a reference to the issue by ruling on Tariq al-Hashimi to death.

Maliki revealed that "the judge can not work if pressed by politicians," noting that "Who wants to be politically, he should give the right policy."

He went on to say that "the judge is weak, if not standing next to a man the state to grant victory to the oppressed, and we in the executive branch weak law that did not stop us."

Iraq has been since the beginning of this year, a political crisis suffocating because of exchange of accusations between political parties problem for government of national partnership, in which he described a coalition of state law partners trying to derail the government of Prime Nuri al-Maliki second, while promised the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance's actions Maliki in the state administration to "dictatorship" and an attempt to "autocracy", in a time when the country's instability and security attacks carried out by insurgents