A member of the Economic Committee: the use of economic paper against Turkey will have a negative and positive impact on the two countries

Follow-up - and babysit - warned member Economic Commission MP / National Alliance / Abdul Salam al-Maliki, the use of paper economic pressure on Turkey in response to overcome the water quotas Iraqi and interference in the internal affairs of Iraq, noting that it will lead to negative repercussions and positive for both sides.

Maliki said on Thursday: The use of economic paper to put pressure on Turkey will be reflected on the negative and positive sides, noting the negative impact on Iraq boils down to a lack of goods used by the Turkish domestic market leads alternative high commodity prices reported.

He added: that the positive impact is to take states alternative for Turkey to do business and diversify outlets import, what Sghebr Turkey to give Iraq's share of water in full, stressing that Turkey depends on Iraq to export their goods, reaching trade to 14 billion dollars with Iraq, so the cut would negatively affect Turkey.

He continued: that Turkey has become a haven for criminals and fugitives Iraqis did not put up the paper the economic impact on its economy