Windfall & Wealth Management for Dinar & Dong Investors
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Thread: Windfall & Wealth Management for Dinar & Dong Investors

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    Windfall & Wealth Management for Dinar & Dong Investors

    Has anyone heard about this book? I just found it at Supposedly it has information about gifting and tax deferment and windfall tax planning, private banking, international business corporations, business credit, a long list of things is in the table of contents from what I can see. Anyone see this yet? Is it a good book to get?


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    Someone posted it in here a few days ago.....I read it but decided not to purchase it....

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    Oh, you already have a topic on this, sorry I didn't see it before. Yes, this is the book I was reading. It has a section about gifting into a tax deferred LLC and then using a Grantor Remainder Annuity Trust to take the money (windfall from your investment) over a period of two years tax free. My thinking is that if you can do that, then why not gift money into this structure before you "give" it to someone, rather than just give them the taxable cash?

    Yeah, I wasn't going to buy this book at first, but my wife said get it, and I'm sure glad we did, wow!

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