Expert: lifting the dollar in banks Kuta means the success of the policy of the Central Bank and exchange rate stability
Date: 2012-10-05 08: 43: 34 Friday

Baghdad (newsletter) ... The Economist attributed Manaf Al Sayegh, the causes of the recent Central Bank action to lift (Kota) price from Iraqi banks, currency exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar.
He said Sayegh (News News Agency): the new procedures the Central Bank lifted rates on currency in Kuta Iraqi banks and to make free market currency market due to the stability and balance of the dinar against the u.s. dollar in the local market, indicating that the Kota price imposed on currency in banks previously when the dollar rose to dinar.

He added: the Central Bank imposed restrictions on the sale of Iraqi bank currency when demand for the dollar and its value rose to dinar, that made her successful actions achieved balance in currency.

Sayegh said: the policy of the Central Bank reduced the difference between the price of currencies in the cash market and the exchange rate of the Central Bank, adding that the dinar exchange rate against the dollar has become a parallel difference estimated (2%).

He continued to reduce the difference between the market price and the price the Bank make strong Iraqi dinar against the dollar, saying that the coming period will witness even between dinar and the dollar.

Sayegh said: to attack the demand for currency already pay the Central Bank to restrict the display of foreign currency ceilings default pricing currency selling in banks to balance the dinar and the dollar./finished/21. d. o/