Talabani discuss with the prime minister and party leaders to address the political crisis Last Update: Friday, 05/10/2012
Baghdad - Zidane-Rubaie:

Conducted by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani on Thursday, held talks with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki focused on the political and security situation, also held consultations with the leaders of the Sadrist movement, and the Iraqi Communist Party, about to address the difficulties in the way of national understanding.

During his meeting with al-Maliki, the Iraqi president reiterated that the best interests of the country require flexibility, and address issues articulated, and the development of state institutions, and activating the path of democracy.

Said a statement from Talabani's office, he was an exchange of views on the need to develop a road map studied, out of the current crisis through national dialogues based on respect for the principles of the Constitution and taking into account the agreements.

The Iraqi president was discussed with First Deputy Speaker of Parliament and leader of the Iraqi Sadrists Qusay al-Suhail, outstanding issues and problems facing the political process.

The presidential statement quoted Talabani emphasized the importance of joint work and cooperation between the blocs and political forces and parliamentary elections, out of the current crisis, and access to accepted national understandings.

Talabani also listened to the perceptions and opinions of the Iraqi Communist Party, about the political situation and the current security situation, and that during his meeting with General Secretary of the Party, Hamid Majid Moussa. Talabani pointed out the content of his meetings with political parties and blocs, stressing the importance of teamwork, and coordination between everyone to narrow areas of disagreement, and the expansion of understanding the positive in order to save the political and security situation and service in Iraq.

For his part, the delegation of the Iraqi Communist Party its support for the efforts made by Talabani to bring the views, and work to dismantle the elements of the current crisis, and to reach compromise solutions to the differences