Talabani receives Allawi and emphasizes the importance of dialogue to resolve the current crisis
By: Bian6
on: Thursday 04/10/2012 11:59 pm

Baghdad / WAP / confirmed by President Jalal Talabani on the importance of the adoption of the principle of fraternal dialogue construction to resolve the political crisis.
statement said the presidency had received news agency Baghdad International / WAP / copy on Thursday that "Talabani received the head of the Iraqi and secretary general of the National Accord Movement Iyad Allawi and the delegation accompanying him, and has been reviewed path current challenges and constraints that hinder the political process in the country, and in this framework Listen Talabani to insights and perspective Allawi on pressing issues and ways to solve them. "
It was important to adopt the principle of fraternal dialogue construction aimed at resolving the political crisis, stressing the need to start practical steps to put an outline would find acceptable solutions to the issues of contention between the parties to the political process. "
In another aspect of the meeting, Talabani said the importance of respect for the judiciary and the sovereignty and safeguarding human rights and the rights of detainees and to prevent them from persecution and injustice, explaining that this will not be only through the adoption of the Constitution a springboard for building a modern state civilized struggled everyone to put bases and building columns. "
For his part, through Allawi and his entourage were pleased return Talabani to follow the general situation in the country and begin a series of meetings with political parties, stressing that the presence of Talabani at political arena is an urgent need as a safety valve for Iraq. / End 2