Maliki looking at Putin unless it gets from Obama

Date: Friday 10/05/2012 06:56 am

 Baghdad / term
begins Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Monday, accompanied by five ministers visit to Russia for a three-day, where he will discuss with President Vladimir Putin arming the Iraqi army worth five billion dollars and exploitation of oil in addition to the Syrian crisis and its repercussions on the region.

He said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said in a statement received (range) a copy of it yesterday: Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will visit this at the invitation of Russian President Putin, where delegation is headed politically, militarily and economically, and a large number of Iraqi businessmen to develop political and military relations and economic ties between two countries and strengthened to serve the interests of the Iraqi people and the Russian Federation.
explained: that the three important files will top talks Maliki with Russian officials this month Tterczaaly discuss the development of political relations, economic and military, describing the visit task.
For his part, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords that "ministers who will accompany Prime Minister were: Secretary of Defense Agency Saadoun al-Dulaimi and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi, Oil Minister Abdul Karim defect and Electricity Minister Abdul Karim Aftan addition to Industry Minister Ahmed Daly Karbouli along with a number of officials and members of the House of Representatives. "
Experts believe that Maliki's visit to Russia will not neglect File Syrian crisis and the Iraqi project to solve them will be present and strongly, even though the Keywords pointed out that "the visit will discuss a number of economic and military files and energy issues, particularly in the military that Iraq seeks to be activated and the diversity of sources of armaments." It is expected to put the visit foundations for a deal military supplies which Russia Iraq weapons and equipment worth five billion dollars.
has researched Maliki yesterday with Prime Russia's Lukoil and sole Ali Alekperov of Company and its efforts to expand its projects in Iraq, and the face of overcoming the difficulties and problems faced by their work, have confirmed Alekperov that the company past its projects for Balacetkchavat and الإستخراجات oil in the framework of what their relationships and positive cooperation with the Oil Ministry, which will result in cooperation in the field of West Qurna southern end of next year in coordination with the South Oil Company.
Maliki said Monday that it will soon Bzarh to Russia to discuss arming his army and the revival of relations between the two countries, stressing that Iraq did not intervene in the Syrian crisis is not in favor of the system and not to the opposition criticizing the political process in his country.
Maliki confirmed that his upcoming visit to Russia comes in the context of policy Doors open, followed by Iraq with all countries of the world, he said in a an interview with Channel Russia Today broadcast later distributed content office said the visit aimed at reviving relations with the Russian Federation and developed in the fields of economy and trade as well as military cooperation and efforts to complete the Iraqi army equipment necessary.
pointed out that there is an attempt to dramatize Iraq's efforts in this direction, but our efforts confined within the framework of air defense and equipment related to combating terrorism, describing the phase experienced by the region as a phase relations of complementarity between countries and not hegemony extending influence.
stressed Iraqi Prime Minister on his country's position that calls for finding a political solution to the crisis and the Syrian opposition to adopt a style of violence and arms to resolve the crisis, stressing that Iraq did not intervene in Syria is not in favor of the system and not for the benefit of the armed opposition.
was the Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced Saturday an agreement with its Russian counterpart to hold the next meeting of the Joint Ministerial Commission in Baghdad, without specifying the specific date, and place two governments Iraqi and Russian negotiations for cooperation in the field of arming the Iraqi army, especially fighter jets and file according to the Russian Embassy in Baghdad recently.
Moscow .. Relations shy developed oil companies
were diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and Iraq announced on the ninth of September 1944, then was cut off in January (January) 1955 at the initiative of the Iraqi government, and resumed diplomatic relations on 19 July 1958 After the Algmehria in Iraq.
has reduced activity Russian in Iraq, which was associated with the Moscow military ties and strong political significantly after the fall of the former regime in 2003 as a result deteriorating security situation, including the Russian citizens.
should be noted here armed attack on a convoy of Russian Embassy in April 2003, and the abduction of 8 employees in the company "Inter Anarghoseervais" in April 2004, and the death of an employee in the same company as a result of the process took place in March 2004, and attacked by gunmen on a bus carrying experts company "Inter Anarghoseervais" in March 2005, killing 3 Russian citizens, and armed attack on a vehicle belonging to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in June 2006, killing one employee and the abduction of 4 others were executed later. In November (November) in 2008 caused an armored convoy an army Prince Kyi in a traffic accident seriously occurred when the cars belonging to the Russian Embassy in Baghdad.
except that the economic relations between the two countries witnessed a remarkable development after Russia agreed to cancel the debts on Iraq where the Iraqi debt to Russia eve of the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime value of $ 12.9 billion. In late 2004, took the Paris Club, which Russia is a member of the decision to write off 80% of government debt Iraqi but Moscow went further and has written off 93% of Iraq's debt to them.
On 10 March 2004, and took place in Baghdad between Russian oil company "Lukoil "The Iraqi Oil Ministry memorandum of understanding and cooperation that has been sending the first group of experts Iraqis under on June 7 to Russia to take courses in the field of oil extraction, and necessitated the note forming the technical committee for coordinating cooperation in the field of oil and gas extraction in the territory of Iraq.
In July 2004, he visited Moscow working visit, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, who discussed ways to resume the work of Russian experts in Iraq, was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on 26 August 2004 a decree to cancel the ban on supplies of military equipment and weapons to Iraq.
visited Moscow in December (December) In 2004 Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi at the head of a government delegation and broad and took place during the visit discussions concerning political stability in Iraq and the establishment of economic cooperation relations between the two countries in various fields and resume the effect of contracts outstanding, especially in the area of the oil sector, which has been hammered in the era of Saddam Hussein. And held in Moscow on 11 February 2008 the fifth meeting of the Commission on Russian-Iraqi government special trade and economic cooperation, which resulted in the signing of a settlement agreement Iraq's debt to Russia under the loans provided previously, also signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of cooperation in the field of trade and economy, science and technology.
was In late March 2008 the Russian delegation's visit to Iraq included single Alekperov, president of "Lukoil" Russian, Alexander Sultanov, Deputy Russian Foreign Minister. As a result of discussions with the leadership of Iraq has been reached to form working group on creating the conditions for activating the project "West Qurna", and that under Iraqi laws that are placed, including the new Iraqi oil law.
has resumed Company "Silovia Machina" Russian in early July in 2008 force of the Convention for the completion of hydroelectric plant project "great" that have been held in 2001 and then were suspended, and is planned to be completed this project in 2010. Another project achieve this Russian company in Iraq, a project of supplying equipment and electrical appliances station thermoelectric "molasses."
and took place on 18 August 2008 in Moscow talks between Sergei Shmatko Russian Energy Minister Karim Wahid Hassan, Minister of Electric Power Iraqi, was approved by the Iraqi side Russia's proposal to form a working group a special bilateral development cooperation in the field of energy, as discussed during the talks the issue of rebuilding the station thermoelectric "Hartha", with the help of the company "Tikhnobrom Export" major Russian.
has visited Iraq in January 2009 for the first time during the past five years on an official visit of the Russian delegation high level delegation headed by First Deputy Prime Russian Federation Council Alexander Torshin The members of the delegation held talks with the Iraqi leadership Supreme in various areas of bilateral cooperation, starting projects in the field of energy and security, including the resumption of military-technical cooperation and end matters of cooperation in field of education.