Central Command Authority held a lengthy meeting to discuss the initiatives launched by Mr. Hakim

10/04/2012 7:19 am

Central Command Authority held at a gathering of hope Thursday morning 10/04/2012 lengthy meeting to discuss the latest initiatives launched by Sayyed Ammar al-Hakim, leader brings hope and chairs the meeting, an official at the Central Command, a professor Fadi Al-Shammari in the presence of a number of leaders of hope in Baghdad.
discussed during the meeting overall initiatives launched by Sayyed Ammar al-Hakim commander gathered hope and how to reach these initiatives to force
Al-Shammari said that the initiatives launched by Sayyed Ammar al-Hakim commander gathered hope purpose serve the nation and the citizen initiatives which realistic and practical stems from the actual need for the chipset important in society, returned it with messages of hope to the people of infiltration him despair and frustration noting that initiative Basra, capital of Iraq's economic started out promoting economic reality of Iraq and steps important strategy as well as the initiative rehabilitation Maysan came for the rehabilitation of the province important and pivotal in the past and the future of Iraq.
stressing that the initiative childcare that came conscious role of this segment is more important community more aware and conscious, stressing that combines hope is not moving in the initiatives of partisan interests, political or zonal not joking emotions public but came initiatives as part of building a modern state that respects its people and itself and impose respect for others, stressing the need to notice people attention Bamorh and affairs and put his dreams into action, explaining the importance of people notice that the nation and homeland so as to enhance patriotism and loyalty to this country, noting that this can only be if hair citizen justice, noting that the Iraqi society is suffering from a crisis in the national result of the policies of dictatorship that targeted the relationship between the homeland and the citizen.