Specialists seem afraid of the possibility of increase in the U.S. dollar exchange rate : 10/03/2012 12:00 am

After the announcement of the amended Central instructions currency auction

select the central bank set of instructions, said it is part of the drainage system free and open society, pointing out that these measures have been taken in order to activate and energize the daily currency auction to sell the dollar,

stressing The instructions included allowing banks and banks determine the sale price of the dollar to customers provided that they do not exceed the rate of sales per capita five thousand dollars, as well as canceling amounts of foreign currency ceilings sold on a daily basis for the banks, and the center of those actions which sees many of specialists in economic affairs importance as part of the monetary policy efforts to improve and revitalize the value of the dinar against other foreign currencies, criticized Attorney Haitham al-Jubouri not specify a certain price to sell the dollar, calling on the central bank to impose certain measures limiting the possibility of the high exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar, which reduced the risk of economic expert, Dr. Majid picture which indicated that the central bank has the necessary tools to counter any gains in the U.S. dollar exchange process, as well as its ability to strengthening of the dollar market demands.

central bank reiterated its commitment to maintaining the value of the dinar and stability as part of a policy aimed at the protection and growth of the national economy, said through a statement that the bank guarantees to meet the demand for foreign currency in full and not intersects with the anti-money laundering law.

central and announced according to the amended statement of foreign currency auction instructions as part of efforts aimed at moving towards a system free and open exchange, noting that this amendment will ensure cancellation ceilings amounts of foreign currency sold to banks day for the purposes of conversion, doubling the foreign currency ceilings sold in cash to banks a week, as well as granting banks the right to determine the price of buying or selling foreign currency to their customers, the void at the same time selections previous price listed by the bank earlier .

called central to sell the dollar by banks to customers at a rate not to exceed five thousand dollars per person, according to the identity of the civil case, hang at the same time the previous instructions that circulated in this regard to private banks.

turn Male Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh during his speech for the (morning): that those measures are taken in order to make way for the participation of the widest possible number of private banks in the daily currency auction, pointing out that such broad participation pour in the interest of meeting the needs of the market of hard currency, and preventing monopoly by speculators who seek to make a price difference between the exchange rate of the dinar and the dollar.

Saleh noted that the Iraqi market stabilized significantly in the past few months, stressing that dollar exchange rate over the stage he called (stage attacks currency) event during which a significant increase in demand for the dollar as a result of increased trade with neighboring countries, indicating that the exchange rate of the dinar is in these times within safe Bdil range procedures that the bankís determination to be taken in order to reduce money laundering and currency smuggling.

Saleh said: that those actions which bent the Central Bank to be taken will be enough to hold significant deviations in the market and will reduce a lot of selling the currency in black markets, and in response to a question (morning) on make way for private banks put pricing to sell the dollar and the possibility that happens Anfelata it in the exchange rate Saleh said: I have seen previous periods set strict price controls by Central Bank to sell the dollar, but that did not witness restrictive controls in sales, which means that the actions that can be taken to impose specific pricing for the role may not be implemented optimally by the banks.

dollar had witnessed steady gains during the past few months before settling at a price of 1227 dinars to the dollar in the price of special Chierfat, and is led by the many stakeholders to the high values ​​of commodities and goods that are imported to the dollar, thus increasing rates Inflation, which called for many of those involved in economic affairs to the central claim to intervene to put an end to the increases, and seek to reduce the value of the dollar against the dinar.

turn praised MP Haitham al-Jubouri action taken by the central aim of reducing of currency smuggling operations, pointing out that the dollar exchange rate controls and seek to sell equation with the dinar is very important for the future of the national economy, is that Jubouri expressed during his speech for the (morning) fears allow the banks to determine certain price to sell the dollar to its customers, saying that this could lead to the control of banks and private banks on the exchange rate of the dollar and thus higher prices.

between Jubouri that the central bank is working to pump money back to the people first, So it is primarily the foundation trustee of all cases of washing, as well as the central demands of placing a special exchange rate to the dollar, and not leave it to private banks that could sell foreign currency prices as it deems appropriate, especially when it Looking for profitability more than anything else.

revealed money laundering office of the Central Bank of Iraq for the preparation of a new draft law to money laundering, according to the actual need for stage requirements and challenges, noting that the project will be forwarded soon to the House of Representatives. The Director of the Office of money laundering Khaled Cltag (Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network) that his office ďunder the guidance of the Joint