Deputy for Iraq: There are no indications on the fact to resolve the political problem :
Date: 03/10/2012 07:21:31 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) .. saw MP / coalition in Iraq / Nora Salem, the lack of any real indicators to resolve political problems, ask the leaders of political blocs to return to the terms of previous agreements to resolve disputes.
Salem said in a statement (of the Agency news): We hope to be the return of the President of the Republic dialogues, a breakthrough to the political crisis, but so far we have not seen any positive indications to resolve differences.

She added: everything that goes on now for bilateral meetings and dialogues just statements and there is no any initiatives implemented on the ground, wondering about the reason for the deterioration of security Is it because of political rivalries between the political parties or the existence of an unknown destination does not want the country to enjoy peace? And how long politicians will remain bystanders to this crisis situation?.

The MP demanded the coalition in Iraq: political leaders to sit at the same table and put all differences on the table and leave partisan and personal interests, noting that some of the political blocs do not want to be the terms of the Erbil agreement under the terms of the national meeting.

Salem said: that the non-implementation of some of the terms of the Erbil is that caused the current crisis and the politicians refer to the terms of the agreement and that some items were contrary to the Constitution and the law because everyone signed to implement them before the formation of the government.

The member of the Kurdistan Alliance MP / Kurdistan Alliance bloc / Dry Ashwaq, explained that the differences between the political blocs is a constitutional differences and not political dispute between Baghdad and Erbil.

The Dry in an earlier statement (the news): The application of the Iraqi constitution will differences between the blocks, because differences constitutional, not political, including the dispute between the federal government and the Kurdistan Region, explaining: to treat the federal government without selective with the Constitution will all the country's problems.