Atrushi: Maliki's refusal of the Government of the largest partnership evidence that he wants to stay in power :
09:13:03 / 10/2012

Maliki during his meeting with "Russia Today"
Khandan - Kurdistan Alliance said Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki wants to say through his recent statement about his refusal of a government of national partnership, mind something hinders the performance of his government, he will stay in power by any means.

He explained Farhad Atrushi, MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, in a statement to the newspaper "the world", that "the intention of this man (Maliki) to stay in power by any means, and the biggest proof of that is his statement last on his rejection of the government of national partnership," explained that he "wanted that says I'm staying, if you want to come with me Welcome, otherwise I'm going on my own and majority government Sachkl policy. "

And saw Atrushi that "Talking about national partnership carries serious implications, particularly since the government institutions so far has not been completed, and even the government is stable, hence say that the most important implications of this statement is to stay in power, whether it wants political blocs it or not," adding, "Maliki wants to confirms the political parties on two things, first, he will stay to the end of life of the government, and second, I will keep in the next session as well. "

Atrushi said, "wants to run the country in his own way and that's where the seriousness of the state."

On conviction Maliki to form a majority coalition, commented by saying, "If that's the case, why fails to pass laws in the House of Representatives, especially those that pay at them."

And on the possibility of forming a majority Maliki government policy, Atrushi responded that "this is impossible and ego bigger on others, he also political suicide for Maliki and the Dawa Party, because it is the face of all the political blocs."

He has said during an interview with "Russia Today," that "the experience of participatory government shifted from participating in work and achievement to try to block non-achievement, even became a dominance of the minority to the majority, an image upside down for democracy," as he put it, saying, "I work not to be repeated this experiment again. "