Maliki modifies "infrastructure" to satisfy the Iraqi Kurds
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Thread: Maliki modifies "infrastructure" to satisfy the Iraqi Kurds

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    Maliki modifies "infrastructure" to satisfy the Iraqi Kurds

    In an effort to appease opponents of his law for infrastructure projects, pay Iraqi Prime Minister towards amendments respond to the objection of the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance in order to persuade them to end their opposition to him and vote for him in the House of Representatives next Tuesday.
    A member of the National Alliance "Shiite" Member Services Committee parliamentary Ihsan al-Awadi from amendments to the Law on infrastructure projects amounting to cost $ 42 billion to take into account the objections of the other blocks it and especially the Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan and two withdrew their deputies from a parliamentary session on Monday was scheduled to vote on the law What had the presidency of the parliament to cancel the meeting for lack of verification quorum to convene and postponed to next Tuesday for more communication between the blocks around it and make adjustments to it satisfies objectors.

    He said al-Awadi at a press conference in Baghdad that the amendments made by a committee formed by the National Alliance for this purpose states to compel the government to contract with consulting firms specialized international for the implementation of planned projects in the law as well as not to give guarantees to pay for the companies against mortgage oil to where the bill submitted by the government provides for the implementation of infrastructure projects on credit payment method.

    He added some of the material demanded by the political blocs to law, including requiring the Council of Ministers to contract with consulting firms specialized global in reconstruction to evaluate the companies applying for the implementation according to this law, as well as to compel the government not to provide sovereign guarantees mortgage oil and gas companies implementing. He added that based on these amendments, the Commission will conduct negotiations with all the political blocs to persuade the bill as amended and drove her to vote for him.

    The Congress coalition in Iraq and the Kurdistan Alliance has foiled yesterday a vote on the draft law on the pretext of mortgaging Iraqi oil to foreign companies and the possibility of the occurrence of its projects in a family corruption, stressing that the proposals they have made to amend the law has not been taken out.

    According to the law will be assigned to a number of foreign companies to the implementation of private infrastructure projects in Iraq, at a cost of $ 42 billion on credit payment method but blocks demands for amendments to some articles may pay to postpone voting on it several times.

    The deputies stressed the Shiite alliance that some of the proposals for Iraqi Kurds have been taking were given verbal assurances from the Chairman of the Finance Committee Haider Abadi, the introduction of other proposals, but Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan insisted on amendments written, not verbal.

    According to Iraqi sources familiar talked with "Culture", there are concerns other than the Iraqi Kurds that the law gives the amounts huge for projects stipulated by the power of the owners in campaigning for his coalition with the proximity of the local elections scheduled during the next six months. This has sparked fears criticism other blocs felt that behind abstain political positions, not procedural or administrative. . Iraqi List has invited white to freeze the work of Parliament to hold early general elections before the scheduled date in 2014.

    For its part, said spokeswoman Iraqi Maysoon he sake of the coalition in Iraq "on public money and to avoid mismanagement in the implementation of service projects in the past and that led to the waste of billions of dollars of funds of the Iraqi people has provided Iraqi set of controls that limit corruption and provide access services to the people directly also welcomed the proposals of other blocks that poured in this aspect. "

    On the other objections to the bill have called the Kurdistan Alliance that provides for the allocation of 17 percent of his money to projects in the Kurdistan region. A member of the coalition Mahma Khalil that the Kurdistan Alliance will vote on this law because it includes breaches of the Financial Administration Act and the permanent Iraqi constitution, but it has a political goals rather than economic, so he needs to political consensus in the first place and then insert legal amendments.

    The State of Law coalition led by Maliki saw that law infrastructure will help Iraq to promote incident Social While acknowledging the Iraqi List, that the infrastructure in Iraq broken and destructive and need for such a law, but on the condition that not be politicized and far from corruption and mortgage Iraqi oil.

    The House of Representatives has recently hosted the Prime Minister and a number of ministers and officials to discuss the law infrastructure where Maliki reiterated the importance of law in the development of infrastructure through the payment on credit, especially as many countries resort to this issue when unable to financial resources for the fulfillment requirements development.

    The total cost of the proposed program development 42 billion billion dollars, of which projects water and sanitation five billion dollars and health projects three billion dollars and education projects five billion dollars and higher education projects and scientific research to create 10 universities with internal departments and laboratories of all Iraqi universities billion dollars .. As devoted to transportation projects to create ports and railways ten billion dollars and agriculture and irrigation projects for the construction of dams, land reclamation and extending channels and tackle desertification and agricultural inputs (machinery, sprinklers, watering systems) five billion dollars.

    The bill also allocated to projects border stations and a half billion youth and sports projects half a billion dollars and culture projects half a billion dollars to build camps billion dollars to build housing the poor five billion dollars and foreign routes three and a half billion.

    The law aims infrastructure, according to one of its articles to "the implementation of strategic projects and reconstruction of facilities and infrastructure in a way that payment on credit for the advancement of economic reality and the development of the Iraqi economy initiated this law."

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