Khafaji: the political process in Iraq only cosmetic because its continuation depends on certain people

Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for the Liberal bloc Mohammad Reza al-Khafaji, the political process in Iraq Balchuklah is real because its continuation depends on certain people.

The betting some of the political blocs to resolve outstanding differences, including the return of President Jalal Talabani of Germany therapeutic trip that lasted three months and sought since returning to Iraq to gather political leaders in a meeting to discuss ways to resolve the political crisis.

Khafaji said in a statement to the Euphrates News Agency {} on Tuesday that "influenced the political process in Iraq in the absence and the presence of certain figures which does not make it a real political process, but a formality for the lack of agreement on resolving crises by all participants."

He added that "the blocks involved in the process can not do its duty in the service of the Iraqi people because it is unable to resolve the outstanding problems away from the presence of President Jalal Talabani in the arena, which remained a political crisis during his treatment in Germany without solutions pretext waiting masses to return to the country."

He called al-Khafaji, the leaders of blocs to "not to make solving the outstanding problems between the political blocs conditional on the existence certain people and seriously think about finding ways effective to resolve the political crisis in the country through reliable to the dialogue table and reach common grounds from which to reach a genuine political process, not only cosmetic ".

The political process in Iraq suffers from a real crisis nearly two years ago because of the outstanding differences between the political parties without finding viable solutions have accompanied the failure to hold a national conference called by President Jalal Talabani last April and which was accompanied by calls by political parties to put an end to the crisis through dialogue between the leaders of the political blocs.