Mohammed Karbouli: Dialogues President Talabani will ease political tensions .. And Iraqi Kurdistan need for assurances for the implementation of the Convention on Arbil

02.10.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

Baghdad (news) predicted MP for the coalition in Iraq Mohammed Karbouli, that contribute to his dialogues with President Jalal Talabani, to ease "convulsions" between the political blocs, noting that the meeting was held national needs reassurances to some blocks the implementation of the Convention on Arbil to his contract. Karbouli said (of the Agency news) on Monday: The meetings and individual meetings conducted by the President of the Republic to bring the views between the political parties "important", and will contribute to the alleviation of "convulsions" between the political blocs, as did consists there are solutions to all issues. said: that the role played by President Talabani large, and will yield results soon, and the leaders of political blocs to help and support President Talabani his efforts being can not alone resolve the crisis, indicating the following: that the continuation of the crisis is not due interest and usefulness of political blocs and the people. confirmed Karbouli: that some political blocs (Kalaracah and the Kurdistan Alliance) need reassurances official of the National Alliance, the implementation of the Convention on Arbil, where that these assurances will help to hold national meeting. This, it is hoped that the calls by President Jalal Talabani political blocs to a national meeting, to resolve disputes, while noting Izzat Shabandar leadership of the coalition of state law the National Alliance MP and a close associate of al-Maliki, that the national meeting is hoped to hold the middle of this month.

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