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Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Ihsan al-Awadi, of the State of Law Coalition within the Iraqi National Alliance stated that the constituents of the INA agreed to positively voting on the Infrastructure law draft, noting that "Some modifications were made to the Infrastructure law draft and properly the parliament will vote on it next week."

In a press conference held at the parliament building on Monday, Awadi said "There is a clear development over the Infrastructure law draft where the suggestions of most of the political blocs were considered and some essential points were added such as obligating the Council of Ministers to contract with International Consulting Companies in the rebuilding field to evaluate the bidding companies in this law."

"The government was also obligated not to submit sovereign guarantees over the Oil and Gas in addition not to link the wealth of the Iraqi people with this law draft," he added.

"After including all the demands and suggestions, the constituents of the INA agreed to positively vote on this law draft," he pointed out, assuring that "There will be discussions with the other blocs to ensure that the law draft will be endorsed next week." /End/