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Baghdad / Orr News

A member of the Kurdistan Alliance for the President Jalal Talabani to start within the next two days endeavors convergence of views between the political forces down to hold national meeting is anticipated, as sources for confusion Agenda President Talabani, due to the absence of Kurdish leaders in trips to outside Iraq, forcing to terminate its obligations in Kurdistan and return to Baghdad, before he completed his consultations with Kurdish leaders on ways out of the current political crisis, which Iraqis have high hopes on Talabani for manipulation and movement through the launch of a national dialogue conference, which is long overdue.

Sharif said Suleiman said that "Talabani will begin within the next two days to conduct a series of new and intense dialogues in order to solicit the views and proposals of the political blocs on the right time to hold a national conference and what can be put in it of ideas and perceptions in order to reach viable solutions on the ground."

He is a member of the Kurdistan Alliance that "the task of Talabani in Baghdad has many of the elements of success, notably statesmanship enjoyed and his long experience as well as the approval of all the political blocs of the importance of what he is doing efforts." He Suleiman said that "there is almost a consensus on the fact that the Erbil first can form a suitable platform for a solution and can be followed by the rest of the ideas and initiatives put forward later," but stressed contrast to "volatility in the attitudes of some of the blocks and not resolving their positions permanently would make the task more complicated. "

But spokesman of the Political Bureau of the National Union Jundiyani believes that "the political crisis in Iraq complicated than ever before, and became interventions exist regional and international crisis, not to mention the divergent positions of Iraqi parties on the initiative of President Talabani," and expressed his belief that the conference was held this urgency Pat is not possible, and need to be further consultations and efforts to persuade the parties to the crisis, and this takes time.

He added: If we passed some pleasantries that we heard from some Iraqi officials and fawn some of President Talabani, there were assurances serious obtained through interviews President recent delegations that raced to Sulaymaniyah to welcome his return, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki pledged to the President to deal positively with every endeavor him to overcome the political crisis, and announced its full support for the initiative of the President, as well as Mr. Osama Najafi, who assured President also ready to support the dialogue and initiative, even if there are some Shiite parties other that have shown willing to do so, including the Sadrists, who heard from the leader of the Bahaa al-Araji refers to readiness to support the initiative of the President.

But he stressed that the crisis was complicated, and Solutions are elusive, at least for the time being, but that does not stop, he says, that continues to President Talabani efforts with leaders and Iraqi factions to search for prospects solution, and this is what will the president in the coming days.

He returned President Jalal Talabani on Monday from treatment trip in Germany arrived in Baghdad yesterday from Sulaimaniya. Talabani met with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi and political leaders and party of Baghdad and the Kurdistan region. Talabani counting on to start a more serious move to hold a national meeting and out of the political crisis, especially after the political situation has some sort of media Altahedih.