Integration with the global economy

10/02/2012 1:15 am Yasser incumbent Iraq is approaching the possibility of integration with the global economy and this step you need to package of measures and laws supportive of this approach, but these steps are slow for many reasons in the forefront of contrast prominent in the acceptance of this approach among politicians and that appears in the block legislation, which falls under the banner of this trend. Perhaps most Miakd what came from the wishes of the San Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Economic Committee of the Council d. Rose Nuri Shaways in his speech to the Economic Forum British when he said: that Iraq strides in starting projects reforms and laws provide for the integration of the global economy. Nmna self in achieving this goal and everything else can not catch up with global development and evidence many where he remained late each of the failed merger the global economy, then there really is the unavoidable summed up in that storm globalization stretched raised to infect major countries with economies in totalitarian responded to their requirements in order to maintain the cohesion of their economies from collapse and faith quo and secured raised harmful Vtaammelt them and succeeded to take advantage of some benefits and those experience China has outperformed world in their economic rival and that his credit A account, as well as the case of Russia and other economically advanced countries. So what is required to be aware some uninsured this shift that no alternative of integration with the global economy, which is in the parable of the common (Cherlabd it) for those who Ivgahon harmful effects of twitter outside the flock . On this basis, the facts of things indicates some difficulties to achieve this goal so Mnina self do, and we need to economic culture fit and age requirements will help us to distance ourselves from the consecration of economic backwardness and contribute delay country ideas are from the past and overlooked something, and integration with the global economy requires us to faith real approach market economy first and so guaranteed by the Constitution and then give the private sector the way for implementation of the program of market economy and state remains Father sponsor for the interests of all and directed them. and closer through brings us integration with the global economy Homchroa law infrastructure and payment on credit except privileges in a major field of speed increased at development and provide services to citizens and controversy about him confirms what we went to in Amodna that each of the failed merger stayed late and stay Nmna self integration and say to Shaways that rushed implementation of economic legislation and laws to become a dream come true when taken the country and Aalobanna tall for groping citizen welfare desired and enjoy wealth of Iraq and its wealth.