Talabani: Iraq is seeking to increase its cooperation with the international community

10/02/2012 12:00 am

Called on the political parties to find acceptable solutions to controversial issues

BAGHDAD - morning

Announced by President Jalal Talabani that Iraq sought continued to expand cooperation and stimulate an area of bilateral relations with the countries of the world in all fields, as these relations of interest and mutual benefit of the Iraqi people and the peoples of these countries.
came during receipt yesterday credentials new ambassadors to a number of European countries and Latin American , each separately.
Talabani said during receipt credentials Ambassador Federative Republic of Brazil Anwar Nahas: that Iraq is looking to consolidate cooperation frameworks construction and expansion of bilateral relations with Brazil, pointing out that there is an opportunity and a strong joint action between the two countries to strengthen the path of friendship between the two parties serve the common interests the two friendly countries in the fields of economy, trade and development.
President Talabani also received credentials from the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Iraq Paul Simon Collis. The President of the Republic the importance of developing the historical relations between Iraq and the United Kingdom in all spheres of political, diplomatic and economic, valuing the support of the United Kingdom for the Iraqi people during the struggle against dictatorship and offer at the moment in the field of re-building and reconstruction and march investment in the country.
also received President Talabani also leaves adoption of German Ambassador to Iraq Britta Wagner, as renewed Iraq's willingness to work for the strengthening of bilateral relations between the two countries and at all levels. also noted the president that Iraq viewed with interest to the joint work between the two countries, Iraq and Germany in order to boost cooperation between the parties forward, blaming the new ambassador to convey his greetings and Ahtramath to President Joachim Gok. statement continued presidential received »Sabah» copy of it: that Talabani also recognizes credentials Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to Iraq Aorquen to Anestrum, recalling the president that Iraq is making effort actively to develop the level of mutual friendship between the Republic of Iraq and the Kingdom of Sweden to ensure mutual benefit of the two peoples of Iraq and Swedish, especially in the economic, cultural and developmental. and expressed his thanks to the Kingdom of Sweden for their continued support for the Iraqi people at all stages of the struggle and the path to build a modern state at the moment.
and highlighted President Talabani during a ceremony recognizes Securities ambassadors of the four light on the general situation and challenges facing the political process in the country, stressing ongoing quest to encourage parties to the political process to work together to find mutually acceptable solutions to the issues of contention, expressing his willingness to fully support the efforts of the ambassadors of the four in Iraq. their part, through ambassadors great gratitude to President Talabani for the warm reception and support, renewing their support for the Iraqi people in all fields