Iraq and the Liberals: Maliki to resign if he wants a majority government
On: Tuesday 10/02/2012 09:14 am

Baghdad / supporter Tayeb
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to develop solutions for the current political crisis lies in a plan to form a majority government political, where he said in an interview aired on a satellite that he was working on the formation of a majority government, "because the image of democracy upside down because of government of national partnership."

For their part, MPs and politicians criticized the statement the prime minister, adding that the onus is alone and must submit his resignation and then think in a majority government, describing Maliki dictator, excluded at the same time achieve a majority government under the sectarian quotas. The spokesman for the Iraqi coalition MP Haider Mulla said in connection with the "long" that "the current government a reality if the government of national partnership was established on the back of the Arbil meeting, if he wanted the Prime Minister to form a majority government political, he Go to submit a plan his resignation and the resignation of his government first then go to form a majority government. "
as he emphasized politburo member of the Iraqi Communist Party Jassim Hilfi "It is not possible to have a majority government as long as the political process based on sectarian quotas, elections are fought on the basis of electoral blocs, and these blocks conform to the interests of purely personal consequent on the basis of the distribution of positions and influence after winning the election, so the government does not form on the basis of the parties and can determine their role and form a government majority. "
He Hilfi told the "term" that "majority government to be formed on the basis of citizenship and political parties competing in each other on the basis of electoral programs that serve the interests of the citizen, so it can not be changed political reality that they themselves put him, a reality quotas and the reality of compromise and the distribution of positions, do not exist hope that formed a majority government is not in this reality in which we live not in any position coming what as long as the political game going on the basis of quotas. "
While stressing Party Secretary-General of the Iraqi nation Alusi "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki always tries to say and shows that the government failed, and threatens the government majority to be controlled and controls everyone and have loyalty to him only, and have his words The paper put pressure on all the political blocs. "
said Alusi told the "term" that "there really can not be disregarded them, a fact that the security file that proved revealing a lack of respect for the spirit of the citizen, for lack of a strategic plan and these responsibilities Maliki, and must he has to admit his failure first, then claim the government of the majority, it is surprising that the security forces are unable to protect citizens while can protect the Maliki government. "
He Alusi "What does the Prime Minister is a desperate attempt, and indicates a tendency dictatorship, which interprets attempts Standing in throwing his mistakes on citizens and on the conflicting parties with power. " MP for the Liberal bloc Maha league said during a press conference held yesterday, in the Houses of Parliament and attended the "long", "The National Coalition held an emergency meeting to replace Maliki being primarily responsible for the failure of security failure in the country." Wondered "how long standing alliance with al-Maliki and our children massacred six years ago? And how long he wants to continue governing and now wants to form a government political majority", claim to "replace charismatic Shi'ite."
This comes after Maliki confirmed yesterday that he is working hard in order not to repeat the experience of the national partnership government, saying it has become an attempt to hinder the work.
Maliki said in an interview with Russia Today TV, "The experience of participatory government shifted from participating in the labor and delivery to try to impede non-performing," explaining that "the dominance of minority political became controlled the majority ". Al-Maliki that this is "an inverted image of democracy," he said, adding "I'm working on will not be repeated this experiment again." He has announced the end of last year, that Iraq only two choices, either resorting to the Constitution or to go to a majority government, saying that the Government of the partnership "tied", as he emphasized that what was happening during the past few years from the stage of consensus is no longer fit. Maliki confirmed, on 23 August 2011, the government and the Iraqi constitution built on the basis of national and sectarian, and as pointed out that the Constitution guarantees "mines began erupting and not rights", called for the amendment in order to achieve state of citizenship and the adoption of the basis of national and belonging to the homeland away from the rest affiliations.
was MP for the coalition of state law on Alfalh, who is close to Maliki board, in May 2012, to form a majority government if it insisted some parties to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister.
The Iraqi parliament granted in its meeting held on 21 December 2010, confidence of the Government incomplete headed by Nuri al-Maliki, because of the failure to reach agreement between the political blocs on the names of who will manage the security ministries.